the official NFT collection is coming to Ethereum

Rowan Atkinson, the British actor who plays the role of Mr Bean, announced the famous character’s official NFT collection. The tokens will be available from May 25.

NFTs like British comedian Rowan Atkinson

The character of Mr Bean (literally Mr Haricot in French) is a work created and interpreted by British actor Rowan Atkinson. The first episode of the series dates from 1er January 1990 to end on December 15, 1995 after one and only very well received season. The soap opera had more than 18 million viewers from its fifth episode.

The character is based on physical comedy. There is almost no dialogue. This is how Mr Bean became a world famous person. The first film released in 1997 crossed all boundaries and became a cinema icon.

After letting us rock with a series (1990-1995), two movies (Mr Bean in 1997, Mr Bean’s vacation in 2007) and an anime series (2002-2019), the character enters web3 with an NFT collection.

An NFT collection of the anime series in collaboration with FOMO Lab

The NFT collection is based on the blockchain Ethereum† For his first step into the metaverse, the character relies on collaboration with the content producer banijayand the popular platform focused on non-fungible tokens, FOMO lab

Mr Bean’s official Twitter account announced his NFT debut. The collection has exactly 3,333 tokens, the majority of which will represent the main character. Of course, we also find the other characters of the animated series, such as its lifelong companion, the teddy bear Teddy.

The actor who plays Mr Bean, Rowan Atkinson, enthusiastically applauded the initiative. His comment is very positive:I think that’s a great idea. Any initiative that not only draws attention to the fantastic artwork of the animated series “Mr Bean”, but also gives access to it, I welcome with open arms.

Who is FOMO lab?

In short, FOMO Lab is a company that supports brands to get started with web3. A marketplace of the company is expected to roll out soon under the name fomoSTAKE dApp† This initiative will be accompanied by a dedicated metaverse. The aim of these projects is to facilitate the start of its partners in the world of NFT. Mr Bean’s official NFT collection is the company’s first major project involved.

But this launch would have come at the wrong time, according to analysts. The crypto world is currently going through an unprecedented crisis. Many cryptocurrencies are seeing their values ​​plummet, including Ethereum, the foundation of Mr Bean’s NFT. But this does not prevent the launch of the project.

All we know is that NFTs will be accessible from May 25th. The rest of the details remain a mystery. However, it is possible to join the channel disagreement by FOMO Lab “#show-us-your-bean!”.


The iconic character has just entered the web3 and the metaverse with his own NFT collection. New information could be communicated before the date of May 25, 2022.

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