The Cybersecurity Business School opens its doors

Located in the heart of Lyon’s business district, the school will welcome its first students (Bachelor & Master) at the beginning of the next school year. Her ambition: to train managers, entrepreneurs and visionary and responsible leaders in the different areas of IT & industrial cybersecurity (one of its) specificity(s)? Zero tuition.

At the origin of the creation of the school, a clear observation: in 2020, in France, of the 550,000 students of private higher education groups, only 800 were trained in cybersecurity through a specialized course, mostly post-master engineer. A figure that should “climb” to 1,100 by 2022… barely cover 17% of national demand.

To deal with this critical situation, three former Solvay managers decided a few months ago to take the “bullet by the horns”. It is clear that they have not been idle since: newly installed in a 2,400 m2 building a few minutes from the Gare Lyon Part-Dieu, CSB.School will welcome its first students – more than a hundred expected – from next September as part of one of his “Bachelor” or “Master” programs.

Patrice Chelim, the general manager, explains: “CSB.School is the first school dedicated to cybersecurity management. It’s simple: there is no other in France. Created by, with and for cybersecurity and management professionals. Our goal ? Finally, let businesses rely on talents with recognized skills, with ad hoc certifications, who have undergone innovative hybrid training developed by cybersecurity and education professionals. †

The list of details of the establishment is long… (…and not without importance). Among them, on the candidate’s side, are:

Full Tuition Covered: The founders of the CSB.School are convinced that quality education should be accessible to all

† The school is responsible for finding, for each student, their work-study contract (and thus paid) thanks to its various partnerships: Schneider Electric, PwC France, Devoteam, Stormshield, Excube, AugmentedCISO, etc.

† A soft skills recruitment (no cover letter required to join the school…)

† la carte: training adapted to the learner’s initial know-how, defined after performance assessment, to eliminate “useless courses”

† No grades: a skill is validated or not…

† Professional certifications: in the sector, certifications are often worth more than the diploma, the courses integrate both their preparation and their passage (CEH, CISSP, etc.)

† No lectures: Cybersecurity is all about practice. The trainings are 70% based on application, testing and training

† Education quality: All school staff are experienced professionals.

As part of its initial training, the school now offers a “Bachelor” (Bac+3) with specializations in IT Cybersecurity (IT) or Industrial Cybersecurity (OT), as well as a “Master”, in 2 years (M1 & M2), accessible after license, with 4 possible specializations IT, OT, SOC (Crisis and Incident Management) & GRC (Governance, Risks and Compliance).

Convinced by the quality of the project and by the resources deployed, the companies were not mistaken: many are already knocking on the door of the school to welcome one or more students from one of these routes in the coming weeks . Who comes up with the idea of ​​offering them a position of Security Architect at the end of the training, who from CISO Assistant, who from Cybersecurity Threat Analyst, Technical Security Auditor, ‘SOC operator analyst, CSIRT manager, project manager, lawyer specialized in cybersecurity, data protection officer… So many positions that they are difficult to fill today.

Eventually, other programs should see the light of day: continuing education, certification preparation & “boot camp” training. †

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