Mon Ecole from Play2See, another study program in Singapore

Founded in 2014, Play2See welcomes children aged 5 to 15 for fun activities that allow them to learn while having fun. There we let our imagination work and we learn by thinking along with others.

Play2See, founded by Stéphanie Tahiri, came as a no-brainer when she discovered that one of her boys had a visual impairment. After a few months of dealing with her son’s medical issues on her own, she decided to embark on a professional activity that naturally focused on supporting children.

My son’s vision is blurry, but what he sees will be beautiful.

A structure to learn while having fun

To build her Play2see project on a solid foundation, Stéphanie returned to her studies in 2012, taking two MBAs (NUS and UCLA), and devouring online courses on neuroscience.

Play2See was founded in May 2014 and in September of the same year it launched its first program with children. For 3 years she will rent a room at the Alliance Française 2 afternoons a week (Wednesday and Friday) to receive the children. Two groups in which the children are divided according to their age. In 2018 Play2See opened its center in the Tanglin Shopping Center.

Every week she works with the children on a different topic. In 2017, she hired Nurul, Singaporean, who designs and animates Play2see topics. 65 activity themes have already been written on different themes such as “parts of the body”, “home and family”, “movements” “opposites” “shapes and colors”.

Topic “colors” discussed on the board

She integrates children with different profiles very quickly and this small structure allows them to find a place and express themselves when it is sometimes difficult to speak in class between 25 students.

Play2See is not just seeing, it is understanding the world, it is observing, it is listening, understanding nature, art, interacting with others.

Camps during school holidays

In 2015, Stéphanie started the camps during the school holidays. In Singapore, with all schools together, there are 30 weeks of vacation per year. Afternoon activities have gradually disappeared in favor of holiday camps and ‘discoveries’. Stéphanie collects the children after school and takes them for a specific activity in the museum, in the park, to meet musicians or scientists.

Stephanie and Nurul in front of the car
The Play2see car with Nurul and Stephanie

The camps take place half in the Play2See building and half outside.

Various activities to exercise the five senses

Through a subject reflect and the children will “discuss”, speak, draw, tell a story, move. Each child completes the story of the previous one, thus connecting each child’s knowledge.

The subject is presented by means of a photo, material, game, a book and the educators pull the strings to let the children express themselves and show their imagination.

4 years ago, Stéphanie and Nurul followed a one-year training to become specialized educators. Play2see has always welcomed children with different – or atypical neuro – profiles and they have decided to train to integrate them better, to address their parents and to support them as best as possible in the groups.

My school was born for “different” children

The word “other” contains all kinds of profiles and families. Children passing through Singapore, children diagnosed with HP (high potential), sensitive children for whom learning in a class of 25 children is difficult to manage, hyperactive children or children who simply attend school at the CNED…

2 years ago, Play2see parents asked Stéphanie to put their child on Play2See every day, not at summer camp but to follow their school education. It was COVID time and the Play2see school was a reassurance for them. Even before it was for the team.

To set up Mon Ecole, Stéphanie contacted the Mission Laïque at the head of a network of 111 schools around the world: business schools, AEFE accredited schools, etc., and Mon Ecole fell into the category “establishment with educational collaboration”.

We are considered “CNED repeaters” that allow parents to follow and validate their child’s French curriculum with follow-up in a structure.

children rest
Mid-morning break at Mon Ecole

My school will open in August 2020

The first year was done with 3 children and the 2nd school year took place with children from the Grande Section of Kindergarten to the 3rd. Some children come to visit for a few months, others are present for the entire school year.

To focus Mon Ecole on the specific needs of each child, Stéphanie surrounds herself with people who are trained and used to working with children with special needs. A team of 6 people works together with Stéphanie, in particular Lauriane who is known for her scientific experiments, the kaplas and her mastery of the CNED and the lessons of Mon Ecole.

Mon Ecole is open every day from Monday to Friday and welcomes children every day of the week as a school, with the subjects taught by level class, a calendar, a schedule and holidays. Parents receive feedback every two months on their level of autonomy, creativity, logic, social interactions and their sensory experiences. There are daily contacts with the parents and also with the therapists. In the event of a prolonged absence of a child, Mon Ecole proposes adjustments to the agenda. The aim is for children to validate their school year, enjoy learning in a multi-age classroom and gain confidence thanks to Play2see’s multi-sensory pedagogy.

Registrations for the 2022 school year are open!

From MS to 3rd, the classes are of multiple ages and the children validate the school year through CNED assessments. Children develop at their own pace and benefit from individual explanations or group lessons.

Always learn more:
My School guides children in their passions, their weaknesses, their brilliance.
Make friendships:
The children evolve in a multi-age environment and regularly meet the children of the Play2see camps.

The property will move this summer from Tanglin Shopping to a central space to be unveiled before the summer. Sensation!! Unless Stephanie tells you more when you see her… you can contact her via WhatsApp at 84846264.

Holidays, prices, registration methods available on the Mon Ecole . website

Summer camps and weekly Play2see workshops

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