How do you wear Birkenstocks to work? Tips for the perfect business casual outfit!

Working in an office, restaurant, shop, etc. has its advantages. However, some of these places have always had strict dress codes. This means: no tank tops, no sandals, no high heels, etc. Yet, lately, many companies have changed their policies, allowing employees to be more casual than working. What has the greatest advantage: comfort. Hot summer days are coming and we can’t imagine going out in this heat in sneakers or other closed shoes. This is where one of the most famous sandals comes in for their comfort. The DeaVita team wants to show you how to wear Birkenstocks to work.

If you’re wondering what to wear to the office to be comfortable and look chic, we’ve got the answer! The brand has been around since 1774 and started with shoemaker Johann Adam Birkenstock. Since then, they have become a staple of fashion and a lifesaver for foot and back problems. Like clogs, they emphasize comfort over appearance. Our favorite stars have even started wearing them religiously, putting comfort on a pedestal. In fact, we should also add that Birkenstocks are a bit expensive. However, they live for years if cared for and can make you feel like you’re walking on clouds. It’s great, isn’t it? What better way to spend the workday than in comfortable shoes while resting your feet?

Office wear: which shoes?

how to wear Birkenstocks with a suit

Closed shoes are the norm in most offices. Therefore, parading in sandals may not be the best decision and you run the risk of being stared at and arguing with your boss. Which in itself is ridiculous, but that’s office policy… You’re still lucky! Birkenstock makes high-quality mules and closed clogs that match your workplace and give you a more professional look. They look rather raw, so team them with a smart T-shirt and chic pants. Wearing them every day with socks in different colors will refresh your look!

wear sandals to the office

Otherwise, the classic black and white combination is the best choice for open sandals.

Women’s office look 2022: casual

how to choose your pair of Birkenstocks

Black is the safest color when it comes to work because it doesn’t attract unwanted attention. However, if your job allows it, you can spend money on color! Birkenstocks come in many different colors, shapes and patterns, which makes them so versatile and fun!

fashion for women summer 2022

Do you want bright pink, green, beige, ocher or silver? You have all the options in the world! If your work outfit is a bit boring, you can stand out with colorful shoes!

What are the advantages ?

which type of Birkenstock to choose?

Birkenstocks are not for everyone and we understand why. Many people do not like rough shoes and want to express themselves by wearing pumps, beautiful sandals, etc. But there comes a time when well-being and comfort outweigh looks. They are not ugly, don’t get me wrong! At the DeaVita office, we adore them!

Birkenstock orthopedic insole

These are the advantages of Birkenstock:

  • Very comfortable and very durable.
  • Get rid of bunions (hallux valgus).
  • Adjust to the feet.
  • Are unisex.
  • Promote good posture.

How do you dress for the office?


How do you wear Birkenstocks?

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Gigi Hadid knows how to wear Birkenstocks!

can you wear sandals to work?

A black T-shirt and jeans are great casual workwear.

how to dress for work

How to wear Birkenstocks: add color to your outfit!

how do you wear Birkenstocks for women?

Wearing sandals at the office: yes or no?

business casual ladies outfit

How do you wear Birkenstocks with a skirt?

how do you wear sandals with a skirt?

Leather models are the most durable.

benefits mules for women

The advantages: comfort, casual look and durability!

Birkenstock benefits

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