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That ? fizYou
What ? A health prevention application and site intended for companies and their employees.

Stress management, pain prevention, posture, regular physical activity… All these problems are not meant to be experienced only in private. With fizYou, companies have the opportunity to invest sustainably in the health of their employees. A solution designed by medical experts and adapted to the less athletic among us.

We are constantly reminded that well-being at work is an essential theme in our society. The success of a company depends on the health of its employees. Whether mentally or physically. And Talia Lipiec, former employee of the Canal+ group in marketing business, Florian Patalagoïty, physiotherapist and sports coach, and Régis Harpocrate understood this well. FizYou was born from the union of their talents. Digital health prevention support for companies that want their employees to benefit from advice from medical experts to feel better in the office, but also – and most importantly! – in their daily lives. Interview with Talia Lipiec, co-founder of fizYou.

Tell us about the founding of fizYou.
The idea was born in May 2020, after the first incarceration. My first partner Florian Patalagoïty, a physiotherapist and sports coach specializing in high-level sports, realized that all the patients he had in his office had their backs pretty stupidly blocked. Simply because they hadn’t thought of the good health habits they had to adopt on a daily basis and especially when working from home. As far as I was concerned, I had noticed that the business community lacked a high-quality tool to talk about health and safety issues in their environment and without it being unpleasant. Hence the birth of fizYou. At the beginning of 2021, the structure really saw the light of day. Not to mention the arrival of Régis Harpocrate, developer, to improve the application.

Why did you choose this name?
“Fiz” conjures up the English word physiotherapy, which means physiotherapy. We were also inspired by fizzing, to shine. We stuck to it you that means our solution is completely focused on the end user… even if we sell it to companies!

What is the concept of fizYou?
fizYou is a digital health prevention solution for company employees. It is inspired by the medical expertise developed in elite sport.
The concept unfolds on three axes. The first is individual access to the fizYou application. There employees discover awareness-raising content through episodes in video format of up to four minutes. We offer practical tips to improve your everyday life in the office, as well as exercise routines to synchronize in your personal agenda to take action and develop good habits.

The second pillar revolves around collective workshops in webinar form. It enables teams to interact with our health experts and to take a deeper look at the issues they face every day.

Finally, the third pillar focuses more on personnel teams. This is a toolbox that helps employees support occupational health, in particular through an internal communication kit. fizYou also offers a management dashboard to monitor both quantitative and qualitative indicators and to monitor the improvement of the well-being of the teams.

What do employees specifically find on fizYou?
fizYou offers three content themes. The first, titled “I’m on the Move,” encourages people to reintegrate physical activity into their daily lives in a benevolent way. These are moves you should perform every day. Either in the office or in the form of a “sports session”.

The “I Breathe” theme features tips from professional athletes to lower their stress levels. Employees discover many techniques that allow them to relax quickly and effectively.

Finally, in “I relieve” we offer physiotherapy and osteopathy techniques to prevent, for example, back pain from degenerating. These are small exercises aimed at one area to lighten and strengthen it.

Do you plan to develop the concept further?
First our book My sports and health program: in good shape was released this year by Larousse editions! In the same vein as fizYou, readers find daily tips to apply. This is beyond the scope of the work, but the logic remains the same. They can also discover interviews with top athletes. Like Florent Manaudou or Luka Karabatic. They explain what they have learned from their different practices.

In terms of development, we are currently in a logic b to b† In a few months we will open our solution to freelancers. Subsequently, the target for 2023 is to offer fizYou to physical workers who have different needs. Because for the time being we are working on solutions for sedentary employees, but a construction worker, for example, has other problems. So different needs.

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