become a developer thanks to a unique training in France

One day an idea popped into your head, and since then it’s been impossible to get rid of it: what if you became a developer? This is a very popular profession., and full of future. And exactly, a French school offers you an education that could interest you, whether you are totally introverted, very extroverted, or somewhere in between these two extremes. Access to what? to the job of your dreams in the best possible conditions!

What is the job of a developer?

The profession of developer moves with the times and attracts more and more people, young students or people who want to perform professional reintegration† The daily life of a developer consists of designing, programming, developing and improving software, but that’s not all! The latter can also ensure that a role of maintenance and monitoring

These include the main missions a developer must complete:

  • Identify user must prepare a programming plan
  • To define technical solutions to create software or an application, respecting the specifications
  • create prototype (a beta version) of the future software and perform various tests to identify and correct their hypothetical problems
  • load write a program (solo or in a team)
  • Participate at launch
  • To manage drawing up technical data sheets (installation and use)
  • Introduce technical support for users
  • Evolve and improve the programs designed by the developer

If you’re still read this article, it is certain that this profession interests you. And if so, you may want to find the best training to get started with this project. And we recommend you to get acquainted with of a unique training of its kind in Francethat will help you achieve your goal.

Zoom on the O’clock school

Have you ever heard of hours of school † The latter was founded in 2016 and launched its first class of students in 2017, and has trained more than 3,500 students† If we invite you today to discover this school, among other things, it is because the latter offers a certain format, namely, the telepresenter† No desynchronized courses here, but live courses, led by a trainer, within a class and accessible from anywhere with a computer and an internet connection. Course so including all the benefits of the online course (namely telecommuting, no transport, working in pyjamas if you feel like it) and that of face-to-face training (with direct contact with the trainer and the other students).

With a team of 160 people, including 90 dedicated to the teaching team, and 92% success in the various RNCP titles that allow it to pass and achieve, the school enjoys an excellent reputation. Their know-how is recognized and student feedback is generally very good, as evidenced by: the 90% of “Excellent” reviews left on Trustpilot about the school, of which you will find an example below:

Why this training? is it praised among all others? † Several points make it possible to understand this.

how is the hour school specific?

Like O’clock school enjoys such a good reputation is because the latter really cares about putting people first, as she explains so well:

What makes our school so special, it’s that we don’t let go of a sole. Each intern is supervised by our team who are fully committed to placement in a company, to give you every chance to get a concrete professional opportunity, relying on the 13 months of experience you have already gained.
You can imagine that we have not skimped on the effort here either: training in job search tools, work and promotion of candidatesconnection to a network of partner companies, sound advice during your next job interviews and when negotiating your contract.

And even if you got diploma in hand and landed a job, the community oh clock will always be open to admit you to sharpen your skillsto exchange between former students, but also to pass on your experience to young students

And if you’re wondering as the profession of developer made right for you, know that the O’clock school teaching team is committed to helping people move away from digital and work a passion and an attractive new profession† Most of the school’s courses are aimed at beginners, and their virtual classroom is suitable for those with cognitive and hearing disabilities. Everything is done to make students feel confident, and well surrounded

a very important telepresentation format to promote success

We’ve told you about it before, the telepresential format of the O’clock school allows you to be in the best possible position to learn as trainers deliver a live course, allowing students to to respond, work, exchange and help each otherFrom the learning interfacethe student has a slideshow and a code window to follow the explanation closely. A discussion thread is also accessible to the whole class. And if the student has a question, the trainers, like the students, can read it and respond immediately

after life, the student is invited to train to remember the notions of the day† He can train through quick quizzes and other more demanding exercises to test the solidity of performance and validate different stages of progression. Don’t panic though, if a concept is not 100% acquired, the student has lesson cards at hand that summarize the main points of the day. He can also activate the “Replay mode”, so you can view the entirety of a lesson. All these learning mechanisms enable the school to achieve very good success rates and professional integrationwith 70% of learners leaving training having found a job in the digital sector or access to higher education, and 75% of learners succeed partial or global financing of their training.

work-study training

The O’Clock School offers you a particularly attractive work-study trajectory if you want to become a designer-developer. For a period of 16 months, this training allows you to fully train and gain a first professional experience in a company. And it will also lead to the professional title designer developer, baccalaureate level +3 † For the O’clock school, it is necessary to train students in a maximum of formats, so that they can adapt in all circumstances, and it is in this logic that this apprenticeship training has come about† Here is part of the description of the training, as read on the school’s website:

Even if the web is our main topic, we’ll be exploring mobile and desktop apps as well. The key word is: adaptability. We’re not going to list all the languages ​​and technologies you’ll learn here, simply because the goal is to train you to adapt to anything.

you start like this your education reviewing the basics of two web programming languages ​​(PHP and JavaScript), which will guide you through the implementation of an N-Layer architecture, before learning to use a PHP framework for the backend, organized in MVC. For the frontend, it will be a JavaScript library, organized in MVVM. The student will also learn how to easily configure the runtime environment, or secure an interface, an application, the code… Not to mention the discovery of mobile development and desktop development† And these are just a few skill areas among many others for the student to explore. You will have understood, everything has been done so that the latter feels like a fish in water at the end of his educationand this regardless of the company where he will make his weapons.

The apprenticeship training of hours of school that interests you? Please note: to register for this training, only a few prerequisites are required: Master the basics of a programming language (PHP or JavaScript) and the basics of OOP (Object Oriented Programming). We also don’t forget the classics of web development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, Command line, and SQL. If these terms sound familiar to you, maybe it’s about time to pass the developer that’s in you to the next step! And if it’s the cost of the latter that scares you, wait, here’s the best part: it’s the company and its OPCO who have to pay for you. an amount equal to 12,500 euros

If you would like to know more about this school, you can of course consult with his website itself† And if you want training that is not a work study, know that the O’clock school offers you a large catalog of training, found here† And finally, if you want to read an unusual little story about one of the many other developers, you can read our previous article about the game that has been highlighted in recent months, Elden Ring† There is indeed a developer fulfilled the wish of all fans of Berserk

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