These 12 wooden trailers are up for auction

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The starting prices vary from 4000 to 9000 €, depending on the condition of the trailers. The sale starts this Tuesday, for three weeks.

A house, an apartment, a castle that is sold at auction, that is. A caravan is rather exceptional. It is also the first time that the commune of Haute Comté, in Haute-Saône (70), has auctioned caravans.

“It’s rare for a community to do this kind of surgery. We focus on the original and unusual side

“says Angélique Jeannin, head of the development and spatial planning department.

It partners with Agorastore, specialist in the online auction of public goods in France, which already accompanied the departmental council of Cher for the sale of its 45 trailers in 2021. They had all gone for a total of 721,000 €, but ”

it is not material that communities in general have

» emphasizes Philippe Du Pasquier, business developer in charge of sales at Agorastore.

This exceptional sale, which takes place from May 3 to 25, consists of 12 fully equipped wooden trailers, equipped with a kitchenette, beds, toilets and even a TV mounted on the wall, and can accommodate 4 people. The sale takes place individually. †

An individual will be more interested in a single trailer

“, justifies Philippe Du Pasquier. As for the starting prices, each of these trailers should be charged between 4015 € and 9146 € depending on their condition.

A third is in fair condition, 1/3 in average condition and 1/3 in poor condition and require major work. Hence their competitive prices. †

For the first prize, the affected semi-trailers have suffered some ground level disturbance, absorbed moisture and weakened

“, explains Angelique Jeannin. Before proceeding:

A newly delivered caravan of the same type costs € 45,000.”

Please note that the trailers are not approved for the road, so it is impossible to move them in this way. It is necessary to provide, at the expense of the future purchaser, a means of transport with on-site disposal in Fontenois-La-Ville where they will be stored.

200 visits

Auctioning through the company Agorastore offers the Community of Municipalities “

national visibility

“. More than 200 site visits have been counted to date, not counting the online visits to Agorastore.”

It’s not just a local curiosity. Potential buyers travel from Var, Paris or Normandy and even from Luxembourg

“, Angelique Jeannin rejoices.

Among these potential buyers are different profiles: tourism professionals, campsite managers for example or people who own gites or bed & breakfasts and want to offer an extra offer. Other profiles: individuals who want to place a trailer at the bottom of their garden to welcome friends, but also people who want to develop a life project, live in these trailers and do permaculture, for example.

These projects are therefore close to part of the original function that these trailers had, which took place on a tourist site of an inter-municipal initiative with 15 trailers to provide unusual accommodation, the Vergers de Fontenois. The fruit from the auction is injected back into the site: “

The aim is to revive this tourist spot by developing yurts and bubbles. Three trailers have been renovated yet kept on site. We want to revive a territorial dynamic around green tourism

projects Angélique Jeannin.

The municipality of municipalities is also looking for a buyer for the site: “

The auction is an excellent opportunity to put the site in the spotlight. Visitors fall in love with the place. At the same time, we are therefore launching a call for projects to find a buyer.

» Annélique Jeannin announces.

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