Emirates Airline – Bitcoin as payment method, metaverse and NFTs

As the market sinks, some news suggests that this is not necessarily incompatible with cryptocurrency adoption. In fact, as this sector is highly volatile, it offers innovative and increasingly popular features. Primarily as a means of payment, accepted, even though the status of currency is still legally denied them. But also using unexpected and highly effective supports such as NFT tokens and the metaverse. A double dynamic in which airline Emirates Airline seems to want to register. Fasten your seat belts…

The number of structures and companies that turn Bitcoin into a means of payment continues to increase. This in areas as diverse as e-commerce, cinema or even the purchase of a house in Portugal. All with very different formulas, few of which actually do without a FIAT coin step in the process. And despite certain expectations, without making it possible to escape the tax on capital gains that currently have to be accounted for in this tax period.


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Yet it is increasingly possible to make purchases with BTC. And even in this period of intense decline, new companies decide to offer their services in exchange for this cryptocurrency† The last example is the airline Emirates based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). And apparently that’s not the only adoption she’s decided to operate in the field.

Emirates – Bitcoin Payment and NFTs

Because while this makes some maximalists cry, there are currently two major trends in the cryptocurrency sector. First and foremost their ability to make payments, the spearhead of which undoubtedly remains Bitcoin. Especially since the very strong expansion of the Lightning Network last year. But also the explosion of the NFT token market, whose success is split between speculative scam bubble and the next revolution in the industry. And, of course, Emirates airline officials don’t bother to choose. Because these are good these two functions that are added to the ‘advanced digital solutions adoption strategy’. †

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It does not seem necessary to explain how BTC can be used as a means of payment. But when it comes to NFTs, things immediately get a bit more complex. Especially when Emirates Chief Operating Officer (COO), Adel Ahmed Al-Redha brings up the issue of:a metaverse. And hiring new employees to support their deployment. With the aim of developing applications to monitor the needs of its customers and to respond “interactively”.

Emirates – Between metaverse and blockchain

No detail allows whether these NFTs will be items within this metaverse† Or if its implementation simply makes it possible to digitize certain services, separate from this virtual world. For even if Adel Ahmed Al-Redha explains that ” NFTs and metaverse are two different applications and approaches”, this certainly doesn’t help to get a clearer picture.

With the metaverse you can turn all your processes – whether they are in operation, training, selling on the website or a complete experience – into a metaverse-like application, but above all by making it interactive† †

Adel Ahmed Al-Redha

Nevertheless, some possibilities are offered, with: a desire to use blockchain technology to trace its aircraft’s data† And for now just one real question, regarding the means of putting these resources on the Emirates network. With the certainty that these services will align well with the vision of the United Arab Emirates on the digital economy. But, still according to Adel Ahmed Al-Redha, the latter are “in a better position than other countries. †

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