“By day I’m a business student, the rest of the time a fashion influencer and entrepreneur”

“From the start of my studies at Essca, I started to become more and more active on social networks, where I showed my outfits and my new purchases. I realized that my posts were well received by my community.

But I became fully aware of the influence I could have on the target of young women the day after they talked about a dress on social networks, and this in just a few days, the saleswomen of the store who this dress distributed told me that several people had come “on my behalf” to get it.

From 300 to 500 pieces

This was the trigger: I realized it was time for me to seize this opportunity and create my ready-to-wear brand.

My parents are not involved in entrepreneurship, nor in trade. I didn’t necessarily want their help, but rather a genuine desire to learn on my own. I discovered everything on the job and started making a business plan to determine my strategy: positioning, marketing, service providers, prices but also financing.

I was lucky enough to take advantage of the financial support of my relatives to launch my project. It is clear that it is indeed a loan that I have committed to repay each month.

This allowed me to release my first collection with two models of shapely and flattering bodysuits for all women’s morphologies. Since then I have released two other collections, one of long skirts and another of handmade necklaces. The next one will be dedicated to belts with a production of 300 to 500 pieces as for each collection.

“Some service providers or suppliers saw me as a child”

By creating my brand, I discovered this exciting and fulfilling universe that is entrepreneurship…and its difficulties too. Being your own boss is certainly an advantage, but in every project there are failures, phases that are long and difficult, and that requires a lot of confidence.

Given my young age, I had to stand up for myself in order to be respected and taken seriously by service providers or suppliers who saw me as a child. In difficult times I completely ignore my age. It gives me confidence and the strength to say loud and clear that I am not being walked on.

When you’re an influencer, creating a brand has become almost mundane. So I had to fight in the beginning to show my community and others all the work behind it, that I made the products from A to Z that I sold and that I didn’t buy any dropshipping products.

For me, the most important thing to succeed is to keep your head up and stay focused on your goals without losing your footing. The rest is just common sense: getting information is not difficult, contacting others is not difficult either if you have a well-defined project.

“My days are well organized”

Over time, I feel like I’m perfecting my expectations and professionalizing myself. For example, I regularly interact with a corporate lawyer to be supported in my efforts to create my company and my site, as well as for contracts related to my role as an influencer.

Granting a student life and a professional life is not for everyone. It’s a hell of a pace to keep up! My days are well organized so that I can attend my classes, on my social networks (Instagram, Tik Tok) and post my brand’s, create packages after orders, prepare photo or video posts for brands during partnerships and go where possible. to professional events in Paris.

And it’s quite an organization. This may seem harmless, but I have to consider, for example, the brightness for anything related to content creation. For example, I can’t take pictures at the end of the day, the content won’t be of high quality, for example.

Triple days

When I have some lighter weeks of class I make sure I get up between 7 and 8am to be as productive as possible, prepare content, think about new collections and consolidate my brand and its communication to attract new new customers Pull.

I quickly understood that for a business to live and grow, you need concrete communication and looking for ideas to get consumers to buy from morning to night.

Despite this fast-paced life, I don’t feel any mental burden. I like to get up every day and tell myself I’m doing what I like. For me it is then important to find the balance that can best combine the two activities. It’s important to set boundaries, to provide the opportunity to temporarily slow the pace of one activity in order to refocus on the other if you notice an imbalance.

Step out of your comfort zone

Today I know how to start a business and I have a lot of ideas in my head, but I don’t know what tomorrow will bring. That is why I plan to continue my studies for the time being. I still have three years to go.

Since the creation of my brand, in my conversations with my family members, I have often felt a sense of discouragement from launching into such a project with, deep within them, the fear that it will not work.

For me you have to get out of this fear pattern in order to really get started and create. A project is never certain, but if you stay in your comfort zone without taking risks, you cannot succeed. †

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