What opportunities after a sports business school (sports management)?

Which professions are accessible with a bachelor’s or master’s degree?

Few sectors offer as much dynamism and opportunities in the short and long term as the acts in connection with the sports company† Not least because they are much more numerous than one might imagine. In addition to the well-known (event project manager, sports journalist, sponsoring project manager, etc.), others (for the time being) do not enjoy the same fame, such as that of data analyst or Business Developer for example. And others new professions in sports business/sports management haven’t seen the light yet…

Therefore, to integrate such a universe, it is above all necessary to know training leading to sports business (in post-baccalaureate or after a bac+2/3 in a specialized school) and what types of companies recruit, in which sectors and for which skills. Not forgetting that to get hired and stay efficient, technical skills alone are not enough. Even today, the personal qualities of commitment and motivation are central.

Exercising a commercial function in sports management

Graduates who want to pursue a career in sports, especially in commerce, are spoiled for choice. Among the companies that open their doors wide to them: equipment manufacturers, distributors of French and foreign sports equipment, clubs, federations…

The list of acts related to sports management is also huge. Take for example the sponsorship manager which plays a vital role in the sports world. It is he who enters into strategic partnerships with companies to finance the development projects of sports clubs, sports federations or other sports organizations.

Another equally important and exciting profession is that of hospitality manager“This business consists of making sports spaces such as changing rooms or private lounges available to companies for commercial purposes”explains Timothée Mérandon, a 2019 graduate of PPA Sport, now a major account representative for the Stade de France, more specifically responsible for the marketing of its “hospitality” program. “Football, rugby, concerts, the Stade de France hosts many events every year. My role is to suggest companies take advantage of these opportunities to invite their customers, partners and other prospects to the spaces we will rent to them. †

The profession of is also very fashionable sports product managercharged with the development of sports products on behalf of a brand, a manufacturer of sports equipment, a sports club or an event organizer.

Evolve in Sports Marketing

If a league, a federation, a sports hall, a club, a sports equipment manufacturer… don’t have the same way of working, they need the same professionals. One of the most attractive professions, the Marketing Manager whose mission is to promote a product, a sports practice, an event or a sports brand to an audience.

Another very prominent profession is that of project manager for mobile internet or digital project manager† This professional manages projects to develop websites and mobile applications. Finally, if sports trading – that is, the analysis of multiple parameters such as the history of confrontations and the form of teams – is currently less well known, it still promises a bright future.

Three skills valued by recruiters: rigor, sense of initiative, responsiveness.

Working in events

Sports events is definitely the field that makes the most dreams. Viewer sport offers opportunities in federations, football clubs of course, but also rugby, handball, tennis… There are also international bodies (UEFA, IOC, FIFA…), not to mention event agencies, but also private companies: various banks organize events; some companies in the agri-food industry also sponsor them, such as Sodebo, which relies on sails, for example.
Among the professions that have the wind in their sails, we find that of event manager and that of project manager sports events whose mission is to organize a sporting event from A to Z.

Three skills valued by recruiters: the sense of listening, the sense of relational and organization.

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Choose a profession related to the media

Becoming a press officer or sports journalist is a professional project that many young people have.

the press officer in sport manages press relations for athletes, sports federations and associations or major events such as the Tour de France or Roland-Garros. This task consists of promoting their image, so that the dialogue between the media and the sports world runs as smoothly as possible. This can go through marketing and commercial tasks, product distribution or even the organization of sporting events. Without forgetting of course the management of the media outages of these various operations.

Parallel to the press officer, there is the task of: sports journalist† Roland-Garros, Dakar Rally, Football World Cup… who has not dreamed of commenting on such events? This professional is responsible for commenting live (on radio or television) or reporting and analyzing an event in the written press. While new opportunities are being created, especially with the rise of TV channels and websites dedicated to the world of sports, the functions to be filled are much more limited than in commerce or marketing.

Three skills valued by recruiters: general and sports culture, writing skills, interpersonal skills.

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