Chainalysis Raises $179 Million: Crypto Whales Better Watch Out!

Everything rolls! – The path of data monitoring in the chain stay under the sun despite the (bad) bad weather what the market is currently experiencing. Blockchain data analytics firm Chainalysis just released a New $170 Million Fundraising† The company’s valuation is now at $8.6 billion† This confirms his leadership in the field. The exponential growth from Chainalysis takes all the credit for him and seems like a Bright future.

Chainalysis, the guard whale

In a note published this Thursday, May 12, Chainalysis reported the… success of a financing round up to USD 170 million led by the Singapore sovereign wealth fund (GIC)† Their new financing comes mainly from investors who have increased their stake in the company and from two new entities, the Bank of New York Mellon and Emergence Capital† The new funds raised by Chainalysis will be used, according to the statement, to continue: investing in product innovation and to do scale its global operations† The company is now largest SaaS company (Software as a Service) in the cryptocurrency industry.

The success of this new fundraiser is no accident. It is undoubtedly due to thriving business success† If Chanalysis is raising so much capital, it’s mainly for its key area of ​​expertise in the dawn of tomorrow’s world† On the other hand, the dizzying growth of its clientele is an essential criterion for investors. We know, the government agencies despite their incessant fud on cryptoassets, are among the first interested parties/customers of blockchain data analytics. The reputation spotless from Chainalysis and the diversity of its customers (including government agencies) are a property firmness

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A gold record

Still according to the note published on his official blog, Chainalysis gives the numbers of his growth in 2021† Over the course of this year, customer volume increased by 75%† She now has more than 750 divided into 70 countries different. Hair private sector clientele doubled† In addition, it is financial services customer base tripled† Indeed, more than Trusted by 100 financial institutions† Incidentally, in order to cope with this growth, the number of employees of 400 about 750.

The increase in his customers almost seems stimulated and that is partly due to his service offering practiced to perfection† Assuming the box’s NPS (Net Promoter Score) satisfaction score, it’s: customer satisfaction is more than 80%† It should also be noted that in 2021 Chainalysis allowed:

  • the US Criminal Investigation Service seizes $3.5 billion worth of cryptocurrencies
  • multiple sanctions against money laundering schemes

Always with the wind in the sails, Chainalysis continues to satisfy its customers and bring new admirers in its path. Not satisfied with the already established success, the company redouble their efforts to conquer the world† This Series F financing comes surpass the previous June 2021 E Series and doesn’t seem to be the last. The future giant Chainalysis would reassure about the safety of the market in terms of different and varied scamsbut a ubiquity of its monitoring services could also significantly reduce the freedoms that web 3 offers.

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