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Parent/school education together, sometimes a lure? 7 years of hardship for the Puech family, cataloged as “pushy parents” as they try to claim the rights of Amaury, the dyslexic and the hard of hearing. The hoped-for collaboration is a failure.

Co-education is a fashionable concept, defined as a ” priority by the National Education. The idea is to strengthening trust and dialogue between school and family », as well as with health professionals in case of disability. In other words, allowing a ” greater involvement of parents in educational actions » within the establishments themselves. Goal ? Work in symbiosis for the sake of the child. There is even an official circular on this subject (n° 2013-142) from 2013. On paper it makes sense, but in reality?

Historically, parents have stayed out of schools. For them the education of children; teachers their instruction. Since then, the ice has been broken (very) slowly… But the reticence remains. The Puech family paid the price. Lydia and Arnaud Puech are parents of Amaury, eleven years old, who was disabled after a premature birth. According to this mother the school is increasingly becoming a closed place where co-education is often not invited and where inclusion is sometimes left out

Mixed education not in the VR

Difficulties appear from the beginning of kindergarten because Amaury does not speak because of his moderate deafness and his dysmorphic disorders, including dysphasia, even if he does not have an intellectual disability. The family is assessing and trying to communicate between health professionals and teachers in full transparency in the best interest of their child. But inside the school, they struggle to know what’s going on. † Swapping was almost impossible and if there were, we got vague answers.think of Lydia and Arnaud. We were seen as pushy parents. “No further improvement in the primary… On the one hand, healthcare professionals offer facilities and tools, on the other hand, we are reluctant to apply them. Amaury should not use an abacus and a digital ruler if he has to visualize and manipulate to understand it. Then you have to tinker with another” list », with a system of sticks. † We immediately thought that the long-awaited co-education would not be there”, explains Lydia, who makes sure that other parents across France are in similar situations and are even denied the use of computer aids (tablet or computer) despite the MDPH notification!. It is also the investment of health professionals that is affected. † What’s the point of having rehabilitation sessions with the occupational therapist, the psychomotorist, the speech therapist, if the work cannot be reinvested in the classroom? “, she asks.

A short breather

The CM1 offers a year of rest thanks to a listening teacher who offers an adapted pedagogy and takes into account the expertise of the medical social workers. Short breather… In the second trimester of CM2, the family decides to call on Sapad (Home-based educational aid) two days a week with the support of health workers who follow Amaury; This device has been set up in every department by the National Education and is intended for sick, injured or immobilized children so that they can continue to follow the program. Lydia says to herself tired of repeating the same things over and over and finding it difficult to apply the accommodations », especially since it was Amaury who « must pay the consequences and adapt!Placing a hearing impaired child in the back of the classroom with hearing aids, refusing written understanding to compensate for oral understanding, not sharing written lessons via a USB key provided by us: these are examples of disrespected regulations that have a direct impact on our son living in the first trimester was exhausted because he had to work harder to get there ‘ she continues.

Anger explodes when the parents discover a briefing note written by an inspector who criticizes Lydia’s behavior and blames her for all the conflict. The family then decides this “ serious judgments to the concerned ministries. Proceedings before the administrative court are underway.

Exhausted by being catalogued

For seven years, Lydia and Arnaud struggled, exhausted from the fact that… cataloged “just because they” know their child “because they want” support him in his education so that he becomes an independent adultI often hear about inappropriate and aggressive behavior from parents, but the opposite also existsadds Lydia. The violence of words exists in both senses. Some teachers exert pressure, may make defamatory remarks. We’re not talking about these moms who are often described as hysterical. We rarely talk about these families who climb on cranes in hopes of winning their cases. But these are realities that cannot be hidden.

One right hand written black on white

However, nothing seems to have been left to chance by National Education… The rights of parents of pupils to ensure their educational role are recognized by: a right to information about the supervision of the education and school behavior of their children, a right of assembly exercised in the context of collective assemblies or individuals, a right to participate by their representatives, whether or not members of an association, elected or appointed to serve on the bodies of schools and educational institutions “, it says on his site. In fact, the School of the Republic Re-Establishment Act of 2013 provides for the creation,” a room in all educational institutions (classroom or reserved space) for use by parents Catherine Hurtig-Delattre, author of the book Co-education at school is possibleconsiders at the same time that “ it’s complex ” because “It’s primarily a relational system, and any relational system is difficult “. According to her, the professionals deploy concrete resources and mechanisms “, with what ” rules of the game ” so that “ it could work

Coming soon a dedicated association

For Lydia, there is no question of putting all teachers in the same bag: ” I know many are trying to listen and suffer from lack of resources, but they have the honesty to talk about it with the families and find solutions with the support of health professionals. “. In an effort to change the situation and to” save dialogue The couple plans to create an association in the coming months, with the support of health professionals and women and men of the law, to defend the rights of children with special needs, all disabilities together. He also intends to denounce this.” excessive maternity phobia disability, which in some cases leads to: disturbing information or offensive reports “. He finds that” Hiring a lawyer to defend your rights is becoming commonplace in a so-called inclusive society. It’s a shame that this has to happen, but sometimes it’s the only solution to move forward

Today the results are bitter… Some agreements have not been met, Amaury is no longer at school and has had to follow his courses through the Cned (National Center for Distance Learning) since 9 May 2022.” A sad acknowledgment of failure “, lament his parents, who, despite everything, are pinning new hopes for the next school year, at university…

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