3 crypto currencies to buy in May 2022 and keep in your wallet for the long haul!

The idea of ​​buying low and selling high sounds great. In practice, however, it is not so easy to invest in assets whose price is falling. Many have said that risky asset markets are among the markets that investors often avoid when things are on sale. However, in this macro environment, this seems to be increasingly true.

There are reasons to be bearish about riskier growth assets right now. Whether it’s about cryptocurrenciesIn currency, technology stocks, or other forward-looking assets, higher discount rates and more expensive borrowing rates result in less cheap capital flowing into the system. Cryptocurrencies that have relied on such a torrent of liquidity in recent years to reach such a peak are clearly at a disadvantage.

That said, there are some high-value crypto projects that are being thrown out with the bathwater right now. Among the three tokens I have now put on my buy list are Solana (SOL 2.16%), Avalanche (AVAX 2.98%) and VeChain (VET -0.53%). This is why I think investors should pay close attention to these tokens now.

1. Solana

Solana, one of the leading “Ethereum killers” on the market, has had one of the most impressive surges in large-cap tokens in recent years due to the way this project is built. On the same topic: Could Solana become the dominant PoS blockchain despite continued outages?

Thanks to a unique consensus mechanism from history, Solana has found a way to provide incredible transaction speeds and very low transaction costs. For users who want to make small trades, or just want to avoid the high gas rates of other networks like Ethereum, the benefits of the Solana network are obvious.

These benefits have led to impressive Total Locked Value (TVL) growth in the Solana ecosystem over the past year. Total locked-in value refers to the amount of capital deployed in decentralized applications on a given network. Currently, the Solana ecosystem has approximately $5.4 billion in value locked into Solana-based applications. While this figure is a long way from the $15 billion peak reached late last year, it still represents impressive growth from its value locked in at about $1.6 billion the previous year.

Unsurprisingly, some might argue that Solana’s deteriorating value since late last year may be at the root of much of this TVL destruction. Transaction volumes remain high and this network is still very popular. So popular, in fact, that Solana has experienced a number of power outages that have shaken investor confidence in the scalability of this network.

That said, Solana has proposed a range of measures to alleviate these concerns. And when it comes to issues, seeing astronomical volume on any given network can be seen as the kind of growing pains investors want to see.

2. Avalanche

Avalanche is yet another “Ethereum killer” that has seen similar price action to Solana lately. This may interest you: This is where the price of XRP could bottom out and traders could make huge profits.† What makes this project unique is the use of subnetworks (or subnetworks) on Avalanche’s network, which create a network of interoperable blockchains supported by sets of custom validators.

Simply put, subnets allow for greater scalability, compared to existing more “siloed” blockchains that don’t talk to each other. Linking multiple subnets to the main Avalanche network makes interoperable projects much easier. There are also a number of advantages on the app development side. Developers can use these subnets to build projects, issue their own tokens, secure their network, and validate with their own validators. What’s also impressive is that each of these subnets benefits from the security and stability of shared staking on the Avalanche mainnet.

For investors considering investing in Avalanche, this means that as the Avalanche ecosystem grows, so do the demand for and rewards for staking. As more and more tokens are locked into strike contracts, the decline in supply should cause prices to rise over time. And as we have seen, the ecosystem of Avalanche is robust, it is even higher than that of Solana, in fourth place in the ranking of the best projects ranked by TVL.

Nearly 65% ​​below its peak, Avalanche is starting to look very attractive at these levels. This is a top token that I am considering adding to the portfolio in this environment.

3. VeChain

Another token that I have had on my buy list for a while is VeChain. Also see: Bitcoin Breaks Key Support, Why BTC Could Extend Losses† This is a project I would classify in the “utility” category. This is because VeChain was built for one purpose: to use blockchain technology to improve supply chains.

The concept of VeChain is to use a digital ledger i.e. blockchain technology to streamline the tracking of goods shipments around the world. By integrating blockchain into QR codes, VeChain has found a way to improve the business processes of its major customers, who are mainly located in China.

With the Chinese government’s negative view of cryptocurrencies, VeChain tokens have lost a tremendous amount of value since their peak. But for those who believe that technology adoption in China and around the world will accelerate for this kind of service, I think this platform has great growth potential.

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