These companies that take advantage of the good weather

When the nice weather arrives, the outdoor activities flourish and many people take advantage of the good weather. The latter gives consumers new wishes and various companies surf on these companies that rhyme with sun and heat.

The famous barbecue

The weather affects the appetite for dining out with friends or family. The barbecue often remains the symbol of this practice. One of the first ideas of the French when we talk about good weather, it comes on the podium. Companies such as Weber with its round and practical barbecue are among the best known. For others, the concept goes further, such as Oh my Garden, which offers the option of renting a private garden to barbecue with friends. The company helps barbecue enthusiasts find the perfect spot. The barbecue business continues to be one of the first to gain momentum as soon as the sun comes up.

Outdoor Activities

As soon as the sun shines, companies whose activities take place outdoors regain their tranquility. Mild weather leads almost systematically to an increase in the number of customers. This business includes many activities specific to each region. Often associated with tourism, outdoor activities can nevertheless be practiced outside of the holiday periods. These companies communicate as soon as the nice weather returns. For nautical activities or tree climbing, for example, customers flock very quickly with a bit of sunshine.


If tourism and travel booking are convincing all year round, it often benefits from twice as many bookings when the weather is nice. The good weather makes consumers want to go on holiday and French tourism is gaining momentum. Hotel and travel reservations are often multiplied to the point of creating well-known traffic jams. Travel companies benefit greatly from the weather and companies such as flight and holiday comparators are seeing more visits to their site.


The event industry brings together many companies and concepts. There is activity all year round, but a bright sun is also an opportunity to provide unmissable spots. In Paris, for example, roofs and parks are becoming indispensable for the events sector. Businesses can take advantage of this to host even more events without necessarily creating as many installations as in an indoor space. The sun often gives a lot of charm to somewhat atypical places.

Air conditioning / ventilation

Warm weather often accompanies heat. Air conditioning or ventilation is then desired in homes and businesses. Specialized companies often achieve a considerable turnover during this period in order to be able to supply everyone. This phenomenon is very common during heat waves, companies such as Dyson-manufacturing fans or Daikin, air-conditioning installer, are overwhelmed with requests. This company is very successful as soon as the thermometer rises quickly.

Fresh products and ice cream

The sun and sunny days lead to a need to quench your thirst or to eat lightly. Beach and diet goals result in high consumption of fresh produce. Salads for light meals and ice creams for a bit of fresh enjoyment then become a very fertile market. Ice cream vendors are multiplying thanks to increased consumer demand. Many glaciers are closed for the rest of the year and live off tourism and mild weather, often forcing them to adjust the size of their teams to cope with sunny days.

Theme park

Very popular with young and old alike, theme parks experience a peak of activity in good weather. It is always better to queue for attractions on a nice day than in the rain. Parc Astérix, for example, closes its doors at the end of autumn, only to open again when spring arrives. This park with water attractions should coincide with good weather. Regardless of the themes, they attract more often when the weather is nice.


France is one of the few countries with the most restaurant terraces. The good weather is an opportunity for this company to develop even more. Customers who want to take advantage of the nice weather want to eat while enjoying the sun and warmth. Whether in big cities or by the sea, the arrival of good weather is leading to renewed activity for the sector.

These companies regularly take advantage of the good weather. If the turnover becomes very substantial, for some it should not be forgotten that companies with these different companies often encounter difficulties when the weather decides to be erratic. Depending on this, they are sometimes forced to adjust their offer to the seasons to avoid a significant loss.

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