We visited CES, English school in Dublin and met the students

Dublin or the “Big Smoke” (as the Irish call it) breathes history in every corner combining it with a very distinctive charm of other European capitals and a vibrant nightlife. That’s why the Irish capital is ranked among the best places to study in Europe and one of the best destination choices to learn English.

If you’re considering coming to Dublin to study English, the Center of Studies English (CES) offers you the opportunity to learn Shakespeare’s language in the most comfortable and stimulating environment possible. We have visited the school.

Center for English Studies at Dame Court in Dublin

There is a lot to do in Dublin so it’s great to be able to enjoy it with the students. There are so many different phrases and expressions to learn depending on the activity we are doing

Great importance is attached to extracurricular activities

CES is a well regarded English language school conveniently located in the center of Dublin with access to all the main attractions of the city such as museums, pubs, restaurants, historical sites. designed to encourage students to practice their language skills in the real lifewith their classmates and teachers.

“There are lots of things to do in Dublin so it’s great to enjoy them with the students. There are so many different phrases and expressions to learn depending on the activity we’re doing,” said Ciara Cowman, Head of social activities at CES. “For example, when we go bowling, students come back with a brand new vocabulary, learning phrases like “this is a strike” True “well done“while playing is a great learning experience.”

Ciara presents some of the many extracurricular activities that CES will organize in 2022: “For example, we have days at the beach, walks (editor’s note : the walk between the 2 seaside towns of Bray is Greystone is a should !) or a visit to the Cliffs of Moher in the summer,” and if there’s something students want to do that’s not on the schedule, Ciara says she’d be happy to answer the question. asks, “talk to me and I’ll save it does,” she reassures us!

A pragmatic learning method

We also had the chance to attend a class and chat with one of the teachers, Ivy, who is in charge of an ‘upper intermediate’ level group and share her enthusiasm: “We have great students and the best staff, I think the atmosphere here is very good, (…) we also spend time together after school, we go for walks, and we even go to a concert in June, so I have a special bond with my students ”, she tells us as the students in the class nod in agreement.

Ivy during her class at CES
Ivy teaches her

Ivy also appreciates that the students in her class come from “everywhere” around the world and of course France too! Age-wise, the class is very mixed, ranging from “16 years old to students in their 50s or 60s”, and “they all go very well together”.

Give students what they need

CES students during a lesson
CES students during class

CES has adapted its program to combine teaching fundamentals (grammar, writing, and oral comprehension) and focus on preparing students for what they need most, such as interview preparation or writing. succeed in an English-speaking environment!

Ivy also explains to us that the teachers at CES are very open to suggestions from students about the content of the course: “They often tell us what they want and what they want to focus on.” According to Ivy, the most common request is to insist on “listening and speaking.” To respond to this, Ivy strives to make her lesson as interactive as possible with, for example, the use of video media from the web such as Youtube value Ted talks and thus make progress by discussing the topics addressed there.

Words from students

The visit would of course not have been complete without taking the time to consult with the students themselves!

Canan (left in photo below) is taking the intermediate course, she came all the way from her native Turkey and arrived in Ireland “two months ago”. She decided to enroll in CES in the upper-intermediate class with Ivy because “her agency told her it was the best English school in Dublin”. She explains to us that she has been very satisfied since she started the course because “she really likes her teacher and the classes”, and she “learns something new about the world every day” by interacting with her classmates.

Students seem to feel good there, surrounded, allowing them to make the most of their experience in Ireland

Lucas from Brazil arrived in Ireland 3 months ago with his girlfriend. He also decided to enroll in CES because it was “the best-reviewed English school” according to the agency organizing his trip to Dublin. Lucas said he “loves his class” and has gotten into the language so quickly that he now “needs a bigger challenge”, so he will be promoted to the advanced class very soon.

CES students

The Japanese Tatsuki (right in the photo above) also chose the CES “because of his good reputation”; the English student explained that one of the reasons he likes the course so much is that “there are a lot of students from all over the world, which gives him the opportunity to speak only in English, and also to ‘talk about the world’ and the differences between cultures”.

As we see from the testimonials of Cana, Lucas and Tatsuki, reputation through the opinions posted online, for example, is essential when choosing an English school. It seems to us after our visit and discussions at CES that the establishment’s good reputation is largely due to the privileged relationship the staff maintains with its students. The students seem to feel good there, being surrounded, allowing them to make the most of their experience in Ireland.

CES relaxation area
relaxation area for CES students

CES Dublin
Phone +353 (0) 1671 4233
Email: info@ces-schools.com
Website: https://www.ces-schools.com/en/locations/dublin
31 Dame Street, Dublin 2,

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