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For this Cherbourg restaurateur, deconfinement is difficult… because of Google!

Twelve customers in one week. Since the reopening on Wednesday, June 9, 2021, Iqbal Raja has been concerned. This Indian restorer of CherbourgSleeve) is even particularly annoyed. “In October, before the closure (linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, editors’ note), the restaurant was nearly full every day. We had reservations for up to three weeks! †

But since the restaurants were able to open their doors again on June 9, it has been dead quiet in the Suprazaal. Customers who love Indian gastronomy relying solely on information circulating in the search engine were all stuck.

Amazed customers warned me that my restaurant’s Google listing still says I don’t serve there. So everyone thinks I only do takeaway. I’ve sent a message to Google, but can’t change it at the moment. I’m still waiting for a code.

Iqbal Raja

Regular bugs

Google basically closed all restaurant listings automatically at the time of the second incarceration† Without the intervention of the account managers, they remained as they were. Sometimes, despite these changes demanded by restaurateurs like Iqbal Raja, nothing happens.

If this problem affects many other restaurants since the shutdown, it generally does not have the same impact as Iqbal Raja.

The person responsible for these bugs is none other than the social network Google My Business, as explained by Myriam Corbet, webmaster and community manager in Cherbourg.

We must manage to find crossroads to unblock the situation. For example, a user can propose a change that allows the Google account administrator to change the information.

Myriam Corbetwebmaster

An essential tool

Opening hours, contacts, review management, links to Facebook or Instagram… All of this information about a business that can be read on Google listings is managed through Google My Business.

For a trader and his e-reputation it is essential to have an account on this network! It is a great tool that gives potential customers direct and easy access to the most important information. It also guarantees a reference to the website.

The numbers provided by Google confirm Myriam Corbet’s statements. By optimizing his business profile, a trader “increases his chances of meeting his customers”.

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In France, companies with full Google My Business listings receive an average of 4.6 times more phone calls than incomplete listings. They also receive 2.8 times more directions and 3.3 times more website visits.

Ulysses Communications Agency in charge of press relations for Google

How to trade with your Google My Business account?

First of all, it is necessary to do a Google search of your company. “If a file already exists, it will be present on the right-hand side of the search page. Store managers can identify themselves as owner. It is possible to give access to multiple people,” says Myriam Corbet. A code is then sent by post to the address of the company to confirm this processing.

Conversely, if the file doesn’t exist, it can be created directly in Google My Business. “Above all, don’t forget to link the different social networks.”
It is then possible to change the information on the Google sheet. To do this, click in the left column on “Information” and then on “Schedule”. Opening days and hours can then be selected, without forgetting to close by clicking on “apply”. The schedules will be published within three days. To report days of absence, it is possible to select the category “Special schedule”, which appears with the symbol of a calendar. “Special days” can be added using the “add new date” button.

Google (see link below) also provides details on how to change information related to the establishment in its help support. add photos or communicate with clients and manage multiple files at once. In addition to a series of rules and instructions, a particularly detailed guide provides explanations for those taking their first step on this social network.

Don’t let competitors take over

In addition, keeping your hand on your Google sheet will prevent expose themselves to any discomfort.

It is very risky not to start this by starting your activity. A malicious person or a competitor can get ahead of the trader by creating this file and conveying false information.

Myriam Corbet

Hacene Touami, one of the owners of the restaurant in the port city of “Le Couscous chez Zora”, will not argue otherwise. Three long years, he is regularly confronted with false information circulating on Google. “If it doesn’t say that the restaurant is closed on Mondays, it says I don’t serve there… The customers don’t understand, and neither do I. †

The restorer tries to figure out who can blame him so much.

I hired a computer scientist because I don’t know how to do it alone. If I catch whoever is doing this, I’m ready to sue them!

Hacene Touami

Sellers powered by Google

A problem that is all the more difficult to solve since Hacene is not very familiar with computer tools. “My wife had created the Google account modified by a stranger, but we stopped it. We’re already in the yellow pages, that’s enough. We work a lot thanks to word of mouth, we didn’t really have to be present on the internet. †

Like the latter, many traders struggle with digital. Google France, exactly, has entered into a partnership with the French Federation of Trade Associations (FFAC) to support traders in this digital shift. Association that has created a support program for independent businesses and craftsmen called My online showcase

In six months, this system has already made it possible to train 7,000 French traders.

New tools have also been created to improve the visibility of listings on Google. Among them “Optimization of your business listing”, “a tool with personalized recommendations so that every trader stands out »

All he has to do is enter the name of his establishment in the tool to receive suggestions on how to improve his profile and his presence on Google Search and Maps.

Ulysses Communications

This allows merchants, for example, to display the products they sell, photos of their establishment, or even the services offered. Another recently launched tool: “My Online Business”. The latter allows you to create a location sheet by voice thanks to the Google Assistant, which will “guide them step by step by asking for some information”.

A seller can create their business listing on Google My Business in minutes.

Ulysses Communications Agency in charge of press relations for Google

Which undoubtedly also simplifies the lives of customers, preventing them from getting stuck connecting Google accounts with other social networks or contacts of the establishment before. Matter of caution.

Click here to find the Google My Business help page. There is also an online guide with many tips published by the FFAC and Google France. As part of the Ma Vitrine en Ligne program, it is possible to call 01 76 21 52 00 to make a personalized diagnosis and ask your questions by telephone, 6 days a week from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (cost of a local conversation, available in French only). The Google Assistant application is free to download on iOS devices or can be activated directly by voice on Android devices.

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