CryptoSandwiches All-Chain Game Provides Food For Thought To Existing Metaverse

CryptoSandwiches, a next-gen NFT game built on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), has announced that the 1.0 version will launch on May 30.

Singapore, Singapore, May 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CryptoSandwiches, a next-generation NFT game built on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC), has announced that version 1.0 will launch on May 30.and† As the first fast food themed game in the Tasty Galaxy series, CryptoSandwiches is also the first fully on-chain NFT game to be supported by BSC.

The new game exists in a food-themed metaverse known as the Foodverse, which is defined and shared by the community based on a sustainable tokenomic system. The system eventually aims to partner with the offline restaurant industry to give game token holders access to an entirely new sharing economy, which the startup team aims to develop into a full-fledged metaverse.

Fun and profitable chain food fight

Designed for crypto novices and experts alike, the game combines lucrative gameplay with simple rules that fuse together to produce chain chemistry. Players can expect the official version by browsing from the CryptoSandwiches homepage; they can also expect a potentially lucrative gaming experience.

The heroes of Sandwiches on the platform are all NFTs that can be synthesized and deployed in battle. Materials to prepare food-like warriors for battle can be collected in Big Belly Boxes around the planet; and they are all chained in real time when opened. While the initial release of CryptoSandwiches is a lean package, it will expand as all the rules, algorithms, and blind box drop rates take place within the BSC chain. Billed as a “fully on-chain package”, DappRadar and other rating/rating agencies can closely monitor all promised updates and assess whether the roadmap’s goals have been met.

Virtual Earth that costs the Earth nothing

The price of virtual land explodes as the metaverse grows in size and popularity. This megatrend is led by The Sandbox and Roblox, and land prices in the metaverse are literally costing the Earth, often up to $13,000, which is more than many people’s mortgage deposits. As a result, many players are overpriced, which is a rather bizarre development in a still nascent and poorly understood Web3 project that strives for inclusivity and efficiency.

To counter this, CryptoSandwiches provides a new manageable entry point for players and investors, allowing them to build passive wealth without taking undue risks or requiring a huge stake. An early version of the game’s virtual Earth system called Tablecloth Grids is ready to go. The tablecloth, which comes in 31 pieces, represents Earth on the planet of Crypto Sandwiches and features the magical elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth. The tablecloth is both necessary to enable the synthesis of sandwich heroes through alchemy, and a battlefield where heroes fight against “food invaders” who steal food from its Chi. Fighting heroes pay Chi Coins to the owner of the slick they are fighting on, allowing the owners to earn rent and passive income. Additionally, players can purchase title deeds for smooth land by subscribing to smooth stock in-game using the CSW token. Such innovative earning potential sets the game apart from its counterparts.

The big picture of a metaverse in full bloom

The entire Tasty Galaxy game series has the potential to grow in size and scope in a way that will appeal to the real food industry giants, including major fast food players like McDonald’s and Subway. The fully functional virtual space on the slick planet of Sandwich could become a global online traffic hub that runs on an increasingly efficient underlying infrastructure. Along with the game series, the Karllit foundation that supports CryptoSandwiches is simultaneously developing plans for an enterprise-level pub chain to support the Foodverse ecology.

The project aims for the best blockchain performance and real-time scalability and paints a picture of a future web3 infrastructure that can host stalls and shops as dedicated nodes of their future blockchain network; and Nappe owners and shareholders will continue to benefit from the growing ecology of offline dining.

IGO implementation

CryptoSandwiches is currently campaigning for its third IGO round and the dedicated team is answering many questions from the burgeoning community. Busy with blocked servers and overcrowded whitelisted candidates, both the team and supporters look forward to a combination of Axie and The Sandbox as their project moves forward quickly.

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