The Bellême boules school has 11 young people!

Bellême’s petanque school. (©Le Perche)

The Pays Bellemois pétanque (Orne) account 70 licensees11 young people at thejeu de boules school and a fifteen membership cards This year. “We start with a good structure, we work together with the petanque schools of Theil-sur-Huisne and Mamers”, explains Cyrille Lamy, educator and vice president of the club.

In September, they started all over again and found 11 children, including three girls. Cyrille Lamy, Jacky Gisselbrecht and Pascal Tiratay are the three educators of the school.

On May 14, 2022, young people will participate in the Departmental Championships for Triplets young people playing boules at Le Merlerault. Amandine is from somewhere else vice-champion of the Orne of doubles.

Exchanges with the Val-au-Perche and Mamers clubs allow young people to meet, discuss and practice.

“We have one of the largest schools in Orne,” said Serge Chartier, club president.

Two main prizes will be raffled on the petanque court, the June 24, 2022 in memory of Marcel Chartierfather of the club president and the 25 June in memory of Jeremy Yzeuxformer president of the Bellême football club and member of the Orne pétanque committee.


Among the projects of the club, Serge Chartier would like: extension of the bowling alleylocated in front of the gym.

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We asked the town hall if we could enlarge the ground and extend over the parking lot that belongs to the municipality, also we would like the total renovation of the bowling alley building to have a meeting room, a bigger refreshment bar, a spare and better toilets.

Serge ChartierPresident of Pétanque du Pays Bellêmois

At the moment the field can only accommodate 64 teams, if the file succeeds it could increase and increase to 128 teams.

“We organize a match at the veterans club every Monday,” Pascal Tiratay adds.

Nice results

In terms of results, seniors took part in the preselection in Theil-sur-Huisne for the Head to Head Championship, of the nine registered participants, six qualified for the championship in Almenêches on April 24. One of the seniors managed to reach the 8th final.

For the Orne double championshipfive senior teams were entered, two teams qualified for the rest and both lost in the round of 16.

about the Orne Triplette Championship, 4 teams participated, two qualified, one finished in the round of 16 and the other in the quarter. The team that lost in the quarter will qualify for the League Championship on May 28 in Évreux.

Club Bellême took part in the first round of the French Cupthat is done in teams of eight, including a woman, and managed to qualify for the rest.

On May 22, 2022, the first round of the Credit Mutuel Cup† The Mêle-sur-Sarthe association comes to play in the Bellêmois club.

“We are involved in all the cups, we have a women’s team and we also participate in the Club Championship, with teams in all categories,” Pascal Tiratay develops.

“The club is alive, it moves, the oldies come to see us play, there is a good atmosphere and that is why we want to evolve,” continues Serge Chartier.

The petanque club exists since early 70s

The room was inaugurated in 1998, the club fully repaid the loan from the municipality, it was implemented over 20 years. The club has expanded to some extent, we have brought two clubs together to create a sports association at departmental level.

Roland IzacardFormer President of Pétanque du Pays Bellemois

Roland Izacard and Jean-Claude Vasseaux are the two oldest in petanque in the Pays Bellêmois, they still play with the veterans: “Pétanque canned! †

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