Pininfarina, in turn, gives in to the NFT trend

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A new world…

The Piemontese design house, in collaboration with luxury NFT specialists, has 1of1 and with musician Sasha Sirota, a series of five works of art, Non-Fungible Token, inspired by the original sketches of the only example of the Ferrari Modulo. These will be auctioned by RM Sotheby’s, during an online session, May 24-26.

Each NFT contains a series of artistic and experimental components. Each of them will present the concept car in a unique context and in a particular historical setting. For each of them, five decades have been chosen as the characteristic scenario: it runs from the 1970s to 2020. An artistic video animation with soundtracks never seen before will give an additional specific identity to each digital lot offered.

All NFTs will also feature original content such as sketches of the designs and exclusive real-world experiences (including a private tour of the corporate museum, with Chairman Paolo Pininfarina acting as “guide”). There will also be private sessions with the design team. In addition, NFT buyers can own a unique Metaverse digital replica of the car. Finally, owners will be honored with framed physical artwork of the concept car, which comes with every NFT package.

“We are proud that our first NFT collection is dedicated to reviving the Modulo,” said Paolo Pininfarina, Group President. “The concept car designed in 1970 is a manifesto of Pininfarina’s vision: beauty and innovation to design the future”.

“We enter the NFT world with the intention of exploring its limits and possibilities”, says Silvio Angori, CEO of Pininfarina† “The metaverse is an area where we as producers of groundbreaking creativity have been able to make an important contribution for 90 years. Our vast creative archive, the ability to envision the future of design using the most advanced technologies, opens new avenues for the economic improvement of our brand.

The rolling saucer

The style of this car, characterized by two superimposed shells, was defined as: “the search for pure form in its deliberate geometry”. The Ferrari Modulo, whose full name is Ferrari 512 S Pininfarina Modulo, was a 1970s concept car, born as a one-of-a-kind piece. This beautiful creature has explored new avenues in terms of expressive style and architecture. It was in the futuristic movement of the time, characterized by angular and unobtrusive lines, which were also found in the Alfa Romeo Carabo, Lancia Stratos Zero and Maserati Boomerang concepts.

The Modulo was powered by a 557 hp 5-litre V12 60° engine from the Ferrari 512 S sport prototype from Scuderia Ferrari, for an estimated top speed of 354 km/h and 0 to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds . Access to the passenger compartment of the Ferrari Modulo is not through conventional doors, but through the roof opening, which slides forward to allow you to take a seat in the two seats.

The official presentation took place at the Geneva Motor Show, where everyone was speechless. Reactions to the Italian Pavilion at the Osaka Expo, the same year it debuted, were similar. After all, the Modulo looked like a car from outer space. The Modulo also served as the ambassador of the Italian style in Mexico City in 1971 and has won more than twenty awards.

The Modulo was bought in 2014 by the American collector James Glickenhaus, known for his WEC-registered prototypes, who had it restored. The model bears the signature of Paolo Martin, who developed its characteristics from the basis of the beautiful 512 S, one of the most fascinating sports cars of all time, the great rival of the Ford GT40 at Le Mans.

to summarize

Pininfarina is auctioning 5 NFT (non-exchangeable token) created around the memory of the 1970 Ferrari Modulo concept car, a real rolling saucer. The famous studio, full-fledged manufacturer with the Battista hypercar, joins other prestigious brands in this trend.

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