Madonna Sells Her Vagina In NFT And Sets The Blockchain On Fire

Madonna just launched an NFT project in partnership with Beeple. This collection features a 3D version of the singer giving birth to a tree, a butterfly and a centipede… including a close-up of her vagina made from scans.

The water flowed under the bridges since the time of like a virgin from Madonna. If the clip and lyrics of this 1984 song seemed sulphurous, this kind of provocation don’t make many people blush anymore in 2022.

To maintain her image of a rebellious and liberated woman, the pop icon needs updating† And this particularly includes the adoption of new technologies such as NFTs.

After recently getting an avatar from the prestigious Bored Ape Yacht Club, the 63-year-old American singer has just created her own NFT collection in collaboration with the artist collective Beeple

Mother of Creation: the result of a collaboration between Madonna and Beeple

This one project called ” Mother of Creation brings together three non-fungible tokens: Mother of Technologymother of nature “, and ” Mother of Evolution “. It features a 3D reproduction of Madonna, gave birth to a robot centipedea butterfly and a tree trunk (outch)

Each of these three NFTs is: a 3D video commented by the singer† Some scenes have close-ups of Madonna’s vulva† This 3D reproduction was made with scans from the singer. In total it took more than a year of artists to complete this project.

A auction will take place on the SuperRare platform at this address and will end on May 13, 2022. Right now, the highest bids are for Mother of Technology and Mother of Evolution to achieve just over $12,000. Both auctions were placed by collector mantanft, who is clearly a Madonna fan.

The highest bid for mother of nature exceeds $28,000 in ETH. It was posted by Superpotsecret.

At the end of the sale, the money collected thanks to this drop will be donated to three charities dedicated to women and children: The Voice of Children Foundation, The City of Joy and Black Mama’s Bail Out.

Art or pornography?

Following this unexpected launch, the crypto community reacted in a mixed way† Some fans found the project very inspiring, others were more critical.

For the less enthusiastic, this project is just vulgar, pornographic and reflects Madonna’s desire to continue attract attention despite its advanced age† However, some see it more as a representation of the beauty of nature and motherhood

Faced with plenty of criticism, Madonna defended herself in an interview with Beeple creator Mike Winklemann. According to her, this NFT collection puts her in the spotlight” do what women have been doing since time immemorial: give birth “. Anyway, “ on a more existential level, I gives birth to art and creativity and we’d all be lost without both

It is currently difficult to predict whether this NFT collection will increase in value over time and join the more expensive NFT collections. For a couple of days, the NFT market appears to be in free fall and Madonna clearly didn’t pick the best time to launch her collection…

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