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Founded in 2013 by Benjamin Lévi, the RECSI recruitment agency stands out for its deep desire to put people at the heart of the recruitment process. At the service of companies looking for new talent, the experts support their clients’ HR departments with artisanal know-how, the basis of which is based on a return to the essence of recruitment: a personalized, human and tailor-made exchange. † It is therefore the workhorse of the agency, which specializes in IT (information technology) and digital professions. Relief.

RECSI: when humans take precedence over algorithms

In France, a study by Pôle Emploi shows that: 79% of companies have difficulty recruiting in the absence of candidates and 77% believe that the profiles do not perfectly match the position offered. With nearly 1,700 recruiting agencies nationwide, this talent recruitment process makes hiring: 20% of business leaders every year† While many of these agencies operate through an algorithm that links employee profiles to employers’ job expectations and vice versa, others focus on a more artisanal and traditional method.

“I started my career in Luxembourg. It is a very small country where everyone knows each other. Respect for confidentiality is so essential there that IT consultants fail to communicate about the technologies they master. The most effective approach for a company therefore lies in highly focused “hunting”, network management and relationship building. Of course, this is where the idea came from to offer a craft recruitment process, to make the process more humane. This allowed us to take the opposite view of the market trend in general. Associated with our very complete process, one of the most complete that exists elsewhere, we have distinguished ourselves. It has even become our marketing strategy. We reconstruct the organizational charts of the companies in which we think the profiles occur and approach them directly. It is painstaking work that allows us to reach profiles that do not appear on Linkedin or job boards† We then roll out our process consisting of video, technical and HR interviews, reference checks, e-reputation or coaching of candidates,” said Benjamin Lévi, founder of RECSI.

Although algorithms are commonplace in IT recruitment, it seems this return to basics is appealing to talent-seeking clients. Benjamin Lévi indeed indicates that: nine out of ten customers are satisfied of its artisanal recruitment methods.

Tailored support for recruiters: a long journey to success

Recruitment agencies are therefore preferred intermediaries companies looking for employees. It should be noted that very often companies call on their expertise after months of fruitless research. They often have several hundred euros spent on posting vacancies on LinkedIn and/or job boards† The projects that require the position are therefore on hold, which represents a loss for the company on several levels.

90% of companies that contact the recruitment agency have an HR department, says the expert. However, the recruitment failed. It is then a matter of rely on the know-how and expertise of professionals who are completely dedicated to this task and offer a tailor-made service: the search for current candidates, the consultation of profiles, the analysis of e-reputation, the establishment of contacts, the first exchanges, a first official interview or even taking tests. headhunters performing the time-consuming operational and identify interesting profiles based on their experience in the field.

By supporting recruiters in finding the right profile for the position being offered, although it is a significant financial investment, agencies guarantee positive results, although the process takes a long time.

“It takes an average of four weeks between the moment we start the search and the moment we present the first candidates. We have tried to shorten the deadlines, but the recruitment is not optimal below that. continues Benjamin Lévi, rich in experience in the field that he considers to be the basis of this artisanal and personalized know-how.

The manager also indicates that: profiles recruited in IT are not unemployed, which explains these rather long delays. They are all working professionals. After negotiations, the influx of new talent into the company depends on the termination he has to make to leave his company. These deadlines are a guarantee of success for Benjamin Lévi who believes that through relational, human contact far from the automation of very trendy processes of the moment, the profiles recruited are invested and better embody the values ​​of the company.

Recruitment, a professional and family project without geographical restrictions

And this personal support can go even further. with almost 400 annual hires, RECSI has created numerous partnerships to ensure that the talent and his family do not miss a professional opportunity due to the geographical distance. It was Benjamin Lévi’s first recruitments in the heart of Nîmes, which led him to offer this additional service.

“During the first moments of the company’s life, I quickly understood that our customers were very fond of IT profiles. On the other hand, the candidates were missing. So we had to find consultants who came from elsewhere. If they are married or in a couple, with children, recruitment is more complicated if they live far away, especially when we know that some working people refuse jobs more than 20 km from their home. Still in this idea of ​​tailor-made support, we have based our concept on arguments for mobility assistance. In France there is the Mobili-Pass. This is state aid with which anyone, if he leaves his region for a permanent contract, can claim an amount between 2,000 and 3,000 euros. This amount makes it possible, among other things, to finance the trip, part of the relocation, for example the first rent. †

The founder of RECSI goes further by explaining to us how long these formalities around the Mobili-Pass are and may deter some employees from the idea of ​​​​changing their lives when 30 to 40% of annual recruitment falls within this framework† To manage these aspects within the agency, a person is fully committed to these administrative procedures to enable talents to carry out real life projects. And there are many partnerships† Removal companies offering lower prices, real estate agencies, generalist recruitment agencies for the spouse of the recruited profile, taxi or VTC companies to facilitate transfers, but also a partnership with several banks, which then ensure the termination of all the necessary subscriptions for the family .

Projects and projection, pillars of human-based recruitment

The recruitment agency profiles itself as an expert in coaching. Benjamin Lévi and his team support their customers and their talents in every stage of the process

Recruitment is constantly evolving. From now on, it is no longer the candidates who have to seduce the companies, but the opposite. For this, Benjamin Lévi personally guides the recruiters of his team. It helps them find the right questions to ask, the important criteria to look out for during the various exchanges, as well as appeal to their feelings† This personalized coaching is based on years of experience, experienced profiles, but also on in-depth knowledge of the labor market and more particularly IT professions.

“Over time, I understood that the decision to join a company lay with the candidate and no longer with the client. And it goes way beyond salary, location, tasks to be performed. Candidates need two things: the projects and the projection. They must be able to give meaning to each of their decisions. †

According to the expert projects and projection have recruited talent consider a longer career within the company, if the current trend is executives stay within a structure for an average of three years† In order to limit turnover, it is therefore necessary to look to the future from the first moments, during the recruitment phase. Giving him perspective on development and improvement, involving him in long-term projects of which he knows the ins and outs are all factors that guarantee their work ethic, their motivation and their personal success.

Benjamin Lévi shares a final revelation that reveals the embodiment of the fundamental values ​​he transmits every day to his employees, client companies and recruited profiles. When one of his employees announces his future departure to a new professional horizon, he remembers one sentence: “I have grown much more as a person than as an employee at RECSI”. And every employee who works alongside the founder shares this view, which becomes the common thread of the company. “My daily struggle is an adventure to be experienced together. he concludes.

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