TESTIMONY. School: “We need more support and adaptation of secondary schools at Parcoursup”

“No support from certain secondary schools, uncertainty about wishes, large budget for competitions and less time to revise the baccalaureate”. These are the flaws of the system to access higher education for Arthur de Vannes (Morbihan). ©Francois Desserre

Arthur* is in Terminal at valves (Morbihan)† Like many comrades, the closer the baccalaureate gets, the more the stress increases. But for several years now, the Trailup platform – which collects and manages the assignment wishes of future students – does not make things any easier. Interview.

What is your experience with the Parcoursup platform?

“The tool is interesting. It includes all workouts. On the other hand, you really need support. I am lucky that my parents help me. There is still a toll free number [0 800 400 070 NDLR] †

Didn’t your high school help you use the platform?

“It’s very stressful because there is no follow-up at my high school in Vannes compared to Parcoursup. This is also the case at other high schools that my friends attend. We are a novice and therefore it is not easy to get the hang of it at first glance”.

Have you noticed any flaws on the Parcoursup platform?

“To find schools, we find duplicate courses. For example, if I type EDHEC (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales du Nord), there are several workouts with minor differences. It’s mixed.”

And positives?

“Schools no longer have access to the classification of our wishes. That way it’s fairer. The platform is clear: we find all the courses and there are sheets to discover the schools.

How is the choice of wishes carried out?

“It’s interesting to receive all our results at once, but we have to make choices with significant commitment. There is a strategy to adopt from May 2, 2022. Or you validate a wish. But it’s not necessarily what you like and you don’t know if the others will take you later. Or you wait too long and you can lose him. There is a period of uncertainty in waiting for the results of his wishes. You feel a little helpless.”

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You are trying to join a vocational school. Is it easy to pass the competitions and prepare for the baccalaureate at the same time?

“For business schools, we have Ace competitions (ESSCA and IESEG) and Sesame competitions (ESSEC and KEDGE). This year it will be via video conference. A week later you will know if you qualify for the orals. Afterwards there is an oral interview in English and a personal motivation interview. To pass the orals, I had a bit of school dropout. I’m at 10 games. I did Paris, Lille, Rennes and Angers the same week and one remotely from Vannes. I leave subjects. With the baccalaureate on May 11 and 12, it’s hard to revise. The organization of the calendar is not optimal”.

Is your school aware of the time you need to prepare for competitions?

“For any business school, you have to write 2,000-character cover letters. Without my parents and my entourage I would have been overwhelmed. My high school had a lot of evaluation before the deadline. It takes a lot of organization.”

How is the preparation for the baccalaureate at Parcoursup and the discussions with the business school going?

“I have the impression that I neglect the revisions of the baccalaureate with the extras for the future. We are told that the baccalaureate is the end. We are taken through time. At Parcoursup, the first semester is taken into account when choosing wishes. There is pressure. The school is well ranked. Teachers judge harder. I think good secondary schools are at a disadvantage when it comes to continuous assessment.”

How do you think the system can be improved?

“I will recommend schools to support high school students through the Parcoursup process. In addition, we are coming from a complicated post-Covid period with a lot of outages”.

* Alias

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