Paris Ouest La Défense – Nurseries, schools, gyms, municipal facilities get a makeover

Cities often carry out small or large-scale works in municipal school and sports buildings. A means to improve their performance or their quality for the residents. For example, in the coming months, schools, nurseries, stadiums or sports complexes on the territory of Paris Ouest La Défense will have to be demolished in order to be refurbished and rehabilitated.

Among the many projects, that of the renovation of the Eugène Petitot school (which will be called the Jean de la Fontaine school) in Puteaux to its rehabilitation and extension, the development of a lift in Neuilly-sur-Seine, for the Gorce Franklin School (see box below), but also the demolition in Nanterre of the Muguets Nursery and the Jean Guimier Stadium. Finally, in Rueil-Malmaison, the Jean Dame sports complex will be rehabilitated.

The renovation and extension of the Eugène Petitot school, which will then bear the name of the Jean de la Fontaine school, are part of the major projects of the town hall of Puteaux. Indeed, it benefits from funding from the Department under the “Territorial Development Contract signed with the Department for the period 2021-2023”, stated the website of the City of Puteaux a year ago (see our edition of Wednesday, May 26, 2021) .

Works that need to be done quickly given the high number of requests in the city and the lack of space in schools, especially in the Bergères school, opened in 2018, in the new eco-district of the same name.

Work that needs to be done quickly, given the high number of applications in the city and the lack of space in schools, especially in the Bergères school, opened in 2018 in the new eco-district of the same name (see our Wednesday September 25, 2019 issue). The town hall therefore specifies in the regulation of the market consultation for the “rehabilitation and construction extension works of the Jean de la Fontaine primary school” that the construction period will be “limited” because of “the evolution that recent school cohorts have shown that the reception capacity of the Bergères school would be insufficient by the start of the 2023 school year”.

In the book with specific technical clauses: “This is an operation of: architectural requalification, thermal rehabilitation, internal redevelopment of the school, reconstruction of the restoration and its sports equipment, requalification of its outdoor spaces”. And to add that the work will make it possible to “offer users properties that are adapted to their expectations and to developments, in particular in terms of: type of space, surface area offered, comfort of use, flexibility and scalability.”

In Nanterre, in the Petit Nanterre district, a nursery will be demolished in the coming months to be redeveloped by 2026. An article in the municipal newspaper Nanterre Info explained that the municipal nursery of Pâquerettes et the Gentianes parent help mother relay “is being demolished and moved”. The future crèche will then be located “at the foot of an apartment building”. According to the town hall, this demolition will “launch a new phase” in the redevelopment of the district, that of the Place des Muguets.

On the choice of demolition, the city explains in Nanterre Info: “The crèche was built in 1963 and requires work to bring it into line. Moreover, the activity of the upcoming workshops will not be compatible with good preschool facilities.
The city has therefore decided to rebuild the establishment at the foot of an apartment building in the heart of a redeveloped sector.

The new equipment should open in 2026, pending the arrival of the town hall to ensure that the offer for parents is maintained “thanks to the partnerships that the city has concluded with branches in the district: Pomme d’api, Maison bleue as well as Les Petits Chaperons rouges at Les Groues.

The city of Rueil-Malmaison wants to start the renovation and thermal renovation of one of its many sports facilities, the Jean Dame sports complex, located at 9, 9 rue André Lachaud. This new contract concerns waterproofing, roofing and framework, as well as heating, ventilation and photovoltaic installations. The first series of works on the cladding of facades and exterior joinery has been the subject of a first contract in September 2021. All the work, according to the town hall, is to take place “from September 2022 to September 2023”.

In Nanterre, the Town Hall is again starting demolition work, this time on the former site of the Jean Guimier Stadium, located on Avenue Pablo Picasso. Indeed, it concerns the demolition of the changing rooms of the Jean Guimier stadium, a building consisting only of a ground floor with “a half-buried part”. A demolition in parallel with the renovation of the South Park neighborhood and in particular the redevelopment of the Colombe Guimier market and the construction of new housing.

A new elevator for Gorce Franklin School

In order to respond to the Planned Accessibility Agenda (Ad’AP) and to continue the work undertaken over several years in municipal facilities in favor of accessibility, the town hall of Neuilly-sur-Seine plans to launch a elevator to be installed in the Gorce Franklin kindergarten, located on the island of La Jatte. In the public tender documents for the installation of a lift, the city states that “the project envisages the installation of a lift along the northwest facade of the school building” so that it can cover “all floors of the school (from the basement to the R+2) The school consists of a basement, a ground floor and two floors.

And the City specifies that the project “consists of installing a lift in the school. To do this, it is planned to demolish the floors through which the elevator goes, to hang the elevator on the plate of R+2 (if possible), to create a basin for the elevator in the basement . The site should begin preparation and installation in June. The different phases of the work are then spread over the different weeks of the school holidays between the summer of 2022 and All Saints’ Day 2023.

Regarding the Ad’Ap, the city of Neuilly-sur-Seine recalls on its website: “The prefecture of Hauts-de-Seine approved the Ad’AP of the city of Neuilly on February 5, 2016 by the city council on September 24 , 2015. This concerns 55 municipal buildings, but only 10 of the 66 municipal buildings will undergo major works, as the city has already made significant achievements over the past 10 years, 11 buildings are already fully up to standard. In 2017, the school groups Saussaye and Gorce-Franklin made accessible.


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