Academy – football school: the reserve does not tremble, the U14 validates their attendance!

The Cholet U14s were rewarded for their stellar second stage by beating Chantonnay, confirming their rise to R1. As for the reserve of Nenad Zekovic, he has climbed a new stage in R2 by having the reserve of La Flèche (4-0). Finally, keep an eye out for the U10’s victory at the Mazières tournament!

Seniors B


SO Cholet B 4 – 0 La Fleche
The Choletais, who have their fate in their hands to get to R1, did not hesitate to beat the Flèchoise reserve near Pierre-Blouen. An excellent operation for the last two league games.

Nenad Zekovic“We were serious. The boys managed to get all the ingredients to make the match easier. The other satisfaction is that you didn’t concede a goal. We now have to prepare well for the trip to Louverné. †

Seniors C


Saint-Jean-de-Monts 3-2 SW Cholet C

En route to Saint-Jean-de-Monts, the Choletais shot down one of their last cartridges in the race to retain R3.

After falling quickly behind at the start of the match, the Rouge et Noir had the opportunity to come back to score and then score a second goal, allowing them to return with a lead in the score (1-2) the changing room.

Unfortunately, two big mistakes cost the win and the three points that would have been life-saving (3-2).

Beranger Greau“It’s hard to win a game by making such gross mistakes. Our fate is no longer in our hands. †



Le Mans FC 3 – 3 SO Cholet

The match kicks off at a foul beat with a few fouls on each side, causing the game to break down. In addition, a Choletais gets injured early in the match, requiring the intervention of the Samu. The match resumed with some trepidation and Nathan Duret’s players take a free kick. But the Rouge et Noir recovered and scored 3 goals to take the lead (1-3).

In the second half, the Choletais withdrew and did not get out of the laundry at Le Mans. Logically they get a first goal and then a second against a penalty. The end of the game is for the SOC which gets a few chances but without success. Final score 3-3.

Nathan Duret“It’s a good result if you look at the whole game. We lacked consistency in our choices and in our intentions. It is up to us to improve that for next weekend and close well at home. Thanks to the parents present, also to Franck. And good luck to Marius who was injured in the first period. †



Essarts 1 – 5 SW Cholet

The Choletais moved to Les Essarts to validate the positive result of the last game.

The Reds and Blacks had a contrasting start to the game with plenty of chances created but lack of efficiency in the zone of truth. They still open the score on a well-executed side move (0-1). Just before half time they logically swallow the equalizer in terms of collective setup after the opener (1-1).

The second half starts the same way. The Choletais have a lot of trouble bringing rhythm to the ball circulation and creating spaces. Nevertheless, they physically take the upper hand in the last 20 minutes and are rewarded with 4 goals to make it 1-5.

Thibaut Violeta“I am disappointed with the first period and the collective attitude. Individualism has taken over and clearly harmed us in this encounter. I find it harmful and inconsistent with the speech we gave in the dressing room. It is up to us this week to to work well to get as close as possible to the last game of the season. Thanks to the many families present. »



La Roche-sur-Yon VF 1 – 1 SW Cholet

Les Rouge et Noir started the game well, had chances and were rewarded at 29′ (0-1). Despite everything, the weak time at the end of the first period will be concretized by the Yonnais to return to the score (1-1). The Choletais have a strong moment at the end of the game, but without the ability to finish and score this goal, which would have allowed them to come back with the win.

Antoine Richeux“The result rather reflects the physiognomy of the competition. Both teams had highlights in the game. I think with a little more conviction and efficiency in both surfaces, the result could have been positive for us. So there is still one week of work to prepare this last championship match as well as possible. †



SW Cholet 3 – 1 GJ Chantonnay

For the penultimate day of the second stage, the young Maugeois received Chantonnay for the R1 turnout competition.

Difficult start to the match with the Rouge et Noir conceding a goal after 15 minutes. After some adjustments, they manage to get back into the game and score two goals. 2-1 for Cholet at halftime.

The second period is a copy of the first with 15 average minutes in which the Choletais easily endanger themselves. It is ultimately on a counterattack that they will come to extinguish the opposing hopes.

Frejus Sika and Quentin Morvan“Congratulations to the guys who were able to do the essentials despite an opponent who was a problem for us. You also need to know how to win in these conditions and the job is done. Next and final step this Saturday in Sablé with seriousness to close in style! »


SCNA CUP – U12 Tournament

20and of 48 teams

Last weekend the SOC U12’s traveled to Derval for an annual national tournament: the SCNA CUP. On the program 6 matches of 16 minutes on the first day and 3 to 5 matches on Sunday.
Les Rouge et Noir started the competition well by finishing 1st in their group, ahead of EA Guingamp, TA Rennes and Guémené-Massérac.

Then the second day is more complicated. The youngsters of Cholet lost to Orléans, Toulouse FC and Stade Briochin. They still manage to hang SM Caen. After a great showdown against Montpellier HSC, the SOC finished in the 20thand place in the tournament of 48 teams.

Antoine Richeux: “The boys started the tournament very well, but when they were faced with higher calibre clubs, the task became more complex. Indeed, thanks to this tournament, the boys faced elite clubs and it will remain a great experience that they will not forget. The smile, the sun and a very good organization make us think that this tournament is a success. Thank you to the parents who followed the team over the two days. †


Mazieres Tournament – ​​​​1d square

Luka Boricic“Very good reception and organization of the tournament. The little ones enjoyed it, it was really good. †


Tray at the SOC

“Our young people from Cholet took advantage of the good weather to have fun during the set organized at the Pierre-Blouen stadium. Note the excellent mood of the group and good progress in general, which bodes well for the tournaments to come. †

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