The director of the Tigy school explains her working method on National Innovation Day

Reduce Tigy to his own asparagus fairpassed on to posterity thanks to the film Stage by Yann Moix with Benoît Poelvoorde, would be a lack of taste. Indeed, the kindergarten in this town of 2,300 inhabitants, between the Loire and Sologne, is also worth a visit. for six years, Ludivine Raymond is in charge of the management and has decided to capitalize the innovation map with a capital I . to play

On the scale of the Orléans-Tours academy, the Cardie (unit for academic research, development, innovation and experimentation) oversees the innovative classes.

A ceremony was also organized in Orléans in April to celebrate the eight Loiret schools committed to the path of innovation by integrating this community that meets very specific criteria. Thus, the Tigy school has been chosen to represent the Orléans-Tours academy on the National Innovation Day to be held in Strasbourg on Wednesday 11 May. Ludivine Raymond will go there.

In Cardi’s eyes, this kindergarten makes the spaces coincide with the learning areas† And it also takes place outside with the educational park with chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, an insect hotel and a self-sufficient planter to feed the animals. The parents help with the care of the animals during the holidays, with the construction of the enclosures. Especially since the park is currently closed, until the area is deratized.

“Friday is a special day”

As an illustration, this Friday, April 29, the day is all about well-being. The 88 students are divided over various workshops, including a relaxation session† After some breathing exercises, the children are invited by Ludivine Raymond to put a mask on their faces in the dark engine compartment. She finishes the treatment by placing two cucumber slices on their eyelids. And ends with tasting an herbal tea with red fruit or yellow fruit.

The cake workshop was led by Blandine and Eugénie, two ATSEM.

In the entrance hall of the school, other children, supported by Blandine and Eugénie, who have become ATSEM (Specialized Territorial Agent for Nursery Schools) after retraining, make cakes to celebrate birthdays when it’s snack time. There are also some stress balls (with balloons filled with flower), flower necklaces (on paper) and mandalas that are made.

“Friday is a special day. We invite parents to join us. Three times a month we go to the forest. Monday, Tuesday and Thursday are busy.”

Ludivine Raymond (empty)

Like the rest of the team, she gives children affectionate nicknames† “Here it is an extension of the house. My goal is to let children explore everything so that they can create their own identity and why not encourage vocations.”

“Children grow faster”

With children progressing at their own pace. They are divided into four balanced learning groups. In the morning they deal with either geometry, arithmetic, spoken language or written language. In the afternoon there is room for music, technical sciences, life sciences or visual arts.

I also listen to the comments of the children to organize special daysabout sports or princes and princesses at the time of the galette des rois,” explains Ludivine Raymond. In order not to deter the parents by her approach, she takes the time during the pre-return meeting in June to explain how the school works , but leave plenty of room for discussion.

Alternative school projects flourish in Giennois

Charlène, Louise’s mother, who is in her third and final year of kindergarten, was arrested in the good sense of the word. “I think that with such a method, children grow faster in terms of autonomy, curiosity and language. Even during the incarceration, Ludivine made the link with them‘ she specifies.

As for Michel, Alex’s grandfather, a former teacher, emphasizes the “formidable” learning that Tigy is offered: “It’s an opportunity to have a team moving in a funnier, more attractive schoolWhile they are nostalgic for the CP class where children read fluently three months after the start of the school year.

Elsewhere in the Loiret

Next to the kindergarten in Tigy, seven other classes du Loiret have recently been identified as innovative through the implementation of projects, which are assessed according to a grid containing criteria and four levels attesting to their maturity.

it’s about the flexible classroom Marion Chevalier of the Paul-Doumer primary school in Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle?; of the toy library by Raphaël Viennot at the Michel-Ronfard primary school in Olivet?; of the’school parent workshop Mrs. Ramach at the Paul-Bert kindergarten in Saint-Jean-de-la-Ruelle?; of the flexible classroom from Lucile Bauchet at the specialist school René-Guy Cadou in Orléans?; by bookmaker by Samia Maghfour at the Pauline-Kergomard primary school in Orléans?; by natural spaces at the service of the well-being of cognitive classroom learning by Aude Vannier-Champion and Pauline Campos at Marigny-les-Usages primary school?; the related class by Jennifer Venaille at Bourgneuf primary school in Saint-Denis-en-Val.

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