Opening of the secondary school for accounting and financial expertise IHECF in Angers and Paris

New professions in response to a shortage of experts

The latest figures published by the Council of the Order Report a lack of thousands of professionals in France in payroll, auditing, tax advice and accounting expertise † a shortage that can be explained by a rapid change in business needs and technological innovations that constantly bring forward new skills and new professions.

The school will be presented to the Order of Chartered Accountants Pays de Loire, in Angers, on February 22.

Orientation fairs not to be missed!

We will give you an appointment on the Studyrama Scholarships Dedicated to Education and Professions in Banking, Finance, Insurance, Accounting and Auditing
You will meet experts, professionals and young graduates to discuss your future career. It is also a unique opportunity to get to know the many professions out there (personal client manager, branch manager, asset manager, financial analyst, etc.) and to ask your questions during conferences!

Responding to new student demands

IHECF promotes for companies and companies the prestige and status of these professions, the career opportunitiesthe good pay and a very favorable labor market † also job security, the contribution of the profession to society, the level of professional ethics, the importance and diversity of work.

IHECF positions itself on the observation of its partners, accountancy firms and CFO/DAF of companies that current graduates only partially meet their needs; namely young graduates of both accounting schools with an excellent technical background but strong gaps in project managementmanagement, marketing and communication or young professionals coming out ofaccounting schools generalist with insufficient knowledge of law and taxation, or customer relations.

State Diplomas and Titles Certified by the State 100% Company Financial Professions

Accessible from Bac to Bac+5, the school offers training in 3 or 5 years composed of the first two years of initial training and/or variety in a common knowledge base and three (to five) years of specialized training based on work-study.

State of the art campuses!

† in Angers : The Angers school currently houses about 200 students within the accounting-management-finance sector and has a 100% six-month placement rate. Excellent results, promises of companies’ enthusiasm for these new recruits, in their positions in suspense. School integrated into its ecosystem, with key partners such as In Extenso, Fiducial, TGS, Strego/Baker Tilly.

† In Paris : The Parisian school welcomes a a hundred students within the accounting management finance sector, with a desire to post a 100% placement rate at six months. Excellent results, a testament to the company’s enthusiasm for these new recruits, in their stressed-out positions. School integrated into its ecosystem, with key partners such as KPMG, IN EXTENSO, GRANT THORNTON, ENGIE, BNP PARIBAS, ENEDIS.

Students will benefit from a stimulating study environment and quality equipment: campus wired with fiber over a private network to ensure regular broadband, classrooms equipped with video projectors, video conference rooms, interactive whiteboards, furniture for co-working, professional software, e-learning and state-of-the-art computing equipment with mobile parks and special rooms.

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