How Emmanuel Macron plans to change the school during his second five-year term

Posted on April 26, 2022, 10:10 AMUpdated on April 26, 2022, 11:52 AM

We must “decompartment” the school by opening it to the outside, Emmanuel Macron had launched in Poissy at the beginning of March. “Break the shackles by opening it up to an entire ecosystem,” one of his supporters explained a few months ago. Now that he has been re-elected, Emmanuel Macron plans to tackle this “major project” that involves education for him without delay. Primary school is a priority.

For the head of state, fundamental knowledge is “the primary mission and must already be consolidated”. But he wants a “change of method” to bring National Education closer to the field, with “more leeway” for teachers and directors and heads of institutions – including recruiting.

Without changing the law, but with more resources, including a €1 billion fund for educational innovation. Emmanuel Macron has pledged €12 billion a year for education and youth, of which €6 billion for salary increases.

” An agreement “

The envisaged “decompartmentalization” must happen “with the families, associations and municipalities that provide after-school care, because Republican making doesn’t start in the morning at 9 a.m. and doesn’t end at 5 p.m., four or five days a week.” he emphasized. Emmanuel Macron. For the re-elected president, who has the Marseille experiment in mind, “the struggle is there”.

To teachers who want to follow him – his entourage counts for 30% of them – he proposed a “pact”: those who agree to train outside school hours, replace absent colleagues or do homework, get paid more, up to 20 % Lake. Current teachers can refuse this right of choice. But from the beginning of the 2023 school year, the extended missions will become mandatory for everyone entering the career.

After alerting teachers to the “work more to earn more” mode, Emmanuel Macron pledged to upgrade all of them “by about 10%”, “unconditionally”. “There will be no more career start below 2,000 euros per month,” he announced.

Speaking at France Inter on Friday, the candidate had spoken of “a revaluation of the index point in the summer, in the context of the negotiations on the civil service” and then “a revaluation included in the financial law to take place in January next year”.

The unions are already wary of the big school consultation he promised. The main primary union, the SNUipp-FSU, has already called for “mobilization to defend public schools and the profession”. While Unsa warned about “perlimpinpin powder” [qui] was a method, a doctrine, for five years.

The code instead of a second language

On the student side, changes can be expected in primary school, with more hours of French and maths, thirty minutes extra sport per day, “rudiments” in the field of digital technology, but with an unchanged overall hourly volume.

From the 5th, students can “choose the code” instead of learning a second living language. “We will generalize code learning and digital use from the 5th year, and we will train 400 to 500,000 additional developers and IT experts over the five-year term,” Emmanuel Macron told specialist media “The Big Whale” .

A renewal of technology education

Opening up to businesses should also lead to technology education being transformed into a weekly half-day called “Future”, consisting of digital and manual and technical knowledge, but also interventions by professionals, visits to companies (or secondary vocational schools). The aim is to make ‘guidance’ a priority.

The rapprochement between school and business should turn secondary vocational education upside down in particular. “We are allowing too many sectors to live where there are almost no outlets,” Emmanuel Macron lamented during the campaign. He wants to “bring more companies” to vocational high schools by “drawing inspiration” from apprenticeship reform, and extending apprenticeship periods for high school students by 50%.

During these periods, depending on their age, they would be paid between 200 and 500 euros per month. His campaign team spoke of “modernizations to be orchestrated on the part of the reorganization of vocational education” that should not “attack general education”.

Priority to 6th and 2nd gear

In order to avoid dropouts, Emmanuel Macron also pledged to “invest” in the crucial classes which are the 6th and the second, with the possibility, for the institutions most in difficulty, to “attract fewer students per class.” take or have reference teachers and more resources to support dropped out students”.

The general and technological secondary school expects the reintroduction of mathematics for all, already initiated by the current Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer.

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