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Cannes, the largest film festival in the world, will be accessible at Epic Game fortnite thanks to the festival’s new collaboration with the international media application Brut.

The festival will make its metaverse debut, with the famous backdrop recreated in Fortnite. The experience takes players to the festival through the eyes of three characters, including a reporter who will produce the material and conduct an interview; an actor auditioning for a major director, participating in a photocall and walking the red carpet; a director who has to find the pages of a movie script lost in a city and send them to a producer, collect them and climb the famous stairs of the palace to attend a movie premiere.

Cannes on Fortnite will feature other quests that will cover engaged topics such as climate change and inclusion and diversity in the film industry.

Each character in the Cannes metaverse has a unique storyline and missions that will inspire players to wander the Promenade de la Croisette with their friends or discover the Palais des Festivals, pose for photos on the red carpet or the famous Walking Sticks , unlock hidden locations and/or collect Fortnite special effects.

Below is a promotional teaser of the Cannes Fortnite gaming experience:-

The Cannes immersive experience is just one of Brut’s technology initiatives aimed at making the Cannes Film Festival more accessible to a wider audience, including a younger audience that would be active on platforms like Fortnite.

Guillaume Lacroix, co-founder and CEO of Brut, said it was important to steer Cannes into a format more used by future generations to make the film festival, the world’s largest, accessible to most people. To that end, video game platforms like Fortnite provide a great platform to engage these younger generations. Brut is a value-driven app powered by Francois-Henri Pinault and James Murdoch.

The company claims to have gained expertise in exploiting new platforms and the addition of Cannes to the metaverse is a natural extension of the company’s commitment to adopting new technologies. The company also says it is building “an exciting metaverse” where it will play an important role.

An exact model of many aspects of the Cannes setting has been recreated in Fortnite by the famous French studio Vysena. These include details such as the Croisette and even the Palais des Festivals, as well as the famous Cannes steps. The French studio specializes in maps and the maps it has produced of Cannes are ultra-realistic and with impressive visual and sound aspects “à la Brut”.

Brut will also host the Maison des Créateurs du Festival de Cannes, where a hundred or so creators from all over the world will be brought to the Croisette where they will meet famous actors, filmmakers and agents in small groups. Brut also collaborates with artist NFT pplpleasr for a May 2 fundraiser where 75 NFTs were sold and the proceeds will go to USC Annenberg’s Inclusion Initiative, which supports young female creators.

Source: press release×336.png×90.pngSam OchanjicartTechnologyCannes, the world’s largest film festival, will be accessible on Epic Game’s Fortnite thanks to the festival’s new partnership with international media app Brut. The festival will make its metaverse debut, with the famous backdrop recreated in Fortnite. The experience takes players to…

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