Change Bitcoin or Kill It: EU’s Machiavellian Plans Revealed in Working Document

Bitcoin, the crypto to destroy? – Even without the information below, which was just revealed on April 21, we strongly suspected that certain technocrats of the European Parliament wanted the death of Bitcoin (BTC)† It is his consensus by the proof of work (PoW), which has already been particularly targeted by two amendments to the MiCA lawmarkets in crypto assets), happy disapproved† Now let’s learn more about this assassination attempt on BTC.

EU Politicians Conspiring Against Bitcoin?

The plans of some politicians of the European Union towards Bitcoin are not not peaceful at all† Further evidence of this will to go to war with the cryptosphere is given to us by internal EU documents published by Their disclosure to the public was authorized by: freedom of information requests sent to the European Commission, the German government and the Swedish authorities.

These documents reveal the exchanges between state and supranational officials, kept behind closed doors in November 2021, far from the eyes and ears of the public. Impossible to know who spoke which words – the European Commission has edited names speakers – but one of the emails sent to the participants before this meeting shows the participation of a senior Commission official responsible for “blockchain innovation” (sic) in Europe.

“During the meeting, one of the attendees asks a crucial question. The person honestly wonders if the EU shouldn’t do that forbid generally trading cryptocurrencies which, like Bitcoin, use Proof of Work (PoW) consensus. The answer: edited. The Commission’s reason for justifying the deletion of this answer is to protect an “ongoing decision-making process”. †

Excerpt from the Netzpolitik article

We won’t know what the European Commission thinks about killing Bitcoin (passage redacted) – Source:

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The authorities of Brussels and China: same battle

When China Bans Cryptocurrency Miningthe cryptosphere as a whole recovered quickly, but Chinese players had to banned True go bankrupt† But these discussions among EU officials seem to show no concern for the fate of the community that has gathered around Bitcoin:

“If Ethereum can transform [vers la Preuve d’enjeu (PoS)], we could legitimately ask Bitcoin to do the same. We need to “protect” other cryptocurrencies that are sustainable. I don’t see the need to “protect” the Bitcoin community. †

If instead of not wanting to protect her, they wanted to be happy not to harm him, that would be a good start. As for the question asked “How would banning Bitcoin affect consumers? †the answer is that its owners are: “aware of its significant volatility”† In short, the value of their investments can very well be ruined due to overnight political decisions, these EU representatives don’t care.

When a country like China bans cryptocurrency mining, you can describe the decision as authoritarian (at least), but for the EU, will criticism be possible? The Saint ecological pretext, yet rejected every daywill it serve to? dead bitcoin in Europe, thus following the example of a country regularly described as despotic, with a single party and a president “elected” for life? The CCP also forbids in the name of “Benefit of All”.

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