The Global BBA at emlyon business school: a springboard to an international career

Educating future responsible leaders who can work anywhere in the world: that’s what emlyon business school’s Global BBA offers.

Emlyon Business School, a renowned business school with a existence of one and a half centuries, is part of the closed circle of the 1% of the business schools in the world with triple accreditation AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA.

With the Global BBA, a 4-year post-baccalaureate programme, the school offers an ideal formula for young expats seeking an academic experience with an international outlook, leading to a prestigious international career.

Enjoy multiple international experiences

Mobility on emlyon’s various international campuses is set up during the Global BBA course.

Students thus have the opportunity to study at one of the school’s international campuses, but also to realize one academic exchange semester in one of 190 partner schools present on 5 continents.

If you want, you can also do a double in the last year international diploma with a renowned foreign university (FGV Getúlio Vargas Foundation – Brazil; Aston Business School – UK; Murray State University – USA; Glendon College – Canada).

During the course, students undergo numerous internships in companies, in France and abroad. In total they stack up to 19 months of professional experience.

All these mobility options allow students enrolled in the Global BBA to reach up to 75% of their course abroad† They also have the option to take a course 100% English speaking from the 1st year.

The Global BBA aims to develop the student’s skills so that he can work anywhere in the world. He strengthens his intercultural skills, his agility and his adaptability, in order to carry out an operational profession with the same efficiency in every country.

For a young French expatriate, joining the Global BBA means giving themselves the opportunity to build business and behavioral skills that will enable them to strengthen their employability around the world, while reaffirming their French cultural roots.

The international dimension of the course is expressed in many ways: every year we welcome between 35 and 45% of students from abroad and almost 50% of permanent professors are international. There is therefore a multitude of cultures, which means that you come into contact with different world views. The courses are also taught with a very global vision and deal with international issues. Finally, academic mobility allows you to develop great intercultural empathy, better understand yourself and get out of your comfort zone to face other ways of functioning.† explains Chantal Poty, director of the Global BBA program at emlyon business school.

Learning through action in a stimulating environment

emlyon business school’s Global BBA also stands out for its pedagogy ofactive learning This innovative approach makes it easier to assimilate theoretical notions through action and to develop essential soft skills in business, such as collective intelligence, adaptability, teamwork, federative ability, and creativity.

Field studies, virtual business creation projects, challenges launched by business leaders, business games, flipped classes… Everything is designed to enable students to learn in a stimulating way, through real problems, like we do, explains Simon, in his 4th year of the Global BBA:

The Global BBA is very practical and allows you to get started right away. The diversity of courses, workshops, conferences, Maker’s labs and student associations allows you to touch a little bit of everything before specializing in the final year. We develop very diverse skills, in the fields of accounting, finance, commerce, marketing, artificial intelligence, coding … We learn to work in multicultural teams and integrate into different corporate cultures.

In the 1st year I was chairman of the BBA Junior Consulting, a student association that provides consultancy services to companies. We had to manage missions entrusted to us by companies. We did door-to-door sales, field surveys, event organization… It was a great experience.

Integrate directly into the international labor market

Throughout their course, each student is individualized support by a dedicated team that helps them define a professional project tailored to their personality, aspirations and experiences.

After 4 years, young graduates hold all the cards to start a working life, either in an operational position in France or abroad (business developer, digital marketing, project manager, etc.) or to start their own business.

The Global BBA at emlyon business school provides exposure to ambition, entrepreneurship, project creation… This encouraged me to start my company Fyce, a growth consultancy that I co-founded in 2nd year with two classmates.

It is also a very professional training, which has already enabled me to gain two and a half years of professional experience. adds Simon, who is currently doing an apprenticeship at an advertising agency, where he is responsible for the growth of the company abroad and where he will soon start a permanent contract as a data scientist.

The school’s academic excellence, experiential pedagogy, professionalization aspect and international influence are all assets highly valued by employers. 72.4% of Global BBA graduates found work before graduation.

Those who still want to refine their professional project can choose to continue their studies in one of the many specialized masters offered by emlyon business school.

With the Parcours Talenten you can explore your passion in addition to your studies

Are you a top athlete, artist, enterprising project leader…? With the Global BBA Talent Path you can continue your sporting, artistic or professional project in addition to your studies. This course, largely remote, offers a flexible learning pace, perfectly adapted to your commitments.

Personal support is also provided so that you can take control of your training and make the link between the results of the program and your personal project.

How do I apply for the Global BBA at emlyon business school?

If you are from the French school system, you must apply for the Global BBA through the Parcoursup platform and then take the SESAME competition tests.

Visit the emlyon business school website for more information.

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