Four Approaches to Change Your Business, Management

Here are four ways to approach your projects from new perspectives. They are introduced to you by Evy Raelison, specialist in creativity and digital, founder of the agency TuttiPom.

1) The approach point out : promote creative brainstorming

Drowned in the controls, the nose in the steering wheel, it is difficult to gain height and have an overview of the situation that would allow to take a new direction. There’s nothing like coming together as a team, with partners and collaborators to exchange ideas. “It is necessary to expose the problem and the goal we want to achieve. The power of the collective will make it possible to set up the start of a project and the actions to be carried out in a few hours or a few days »Evy Raelison promises. This recommends using the philosophy and methodology of Design Thinking. For example, it is a matter of jotting down all proposed ideas, even the craziest ones, writing them on Post-its that can be taped to a wall, a table. The principle is to be able to move them, throw them away and start over by improving the concept with each iteration. It can also involve facilitation and visualization methods that prefer drawing over words to manage complex information. “It may be desirable to bring in an outside professional who knows how to handle these methods so that the leaders themselves participate in this energy of co-creation”, suggests the expert. The last step is to rank the validated ideas and implement the most motivating actions for the project teams.

2) The approach gamer (“player”): make the realization of the project attractive

This is the principle of “gamification”, which consists in applying the keys and mechanics of video games, focused on the user experience, in areas far removed from it, by relying on the human aptitude to play. “It allows employees to be involved in the process by offering them sensory interactions”, explains Evy Raelison. For example, it is to make a website attractive by summarizing a company’s performance in a classification by shape, by color, using the five senses such as hearing with sound, or even touch with tablets. † “The goal is to grab and hold attention. Even a project management design agency can make itself “sexy” thanks to its website if it manages to improve its performance by making it fun. †

3) The approach geek : modeling the project thanks to digital

The goal of this approach is to save time and steps when prototyping a product with a computational mindset. “Thanks to the use of 3D software, it is possible to consider all possible options for transforming an object”, emphasizes the creative. So for one of his clients who came up with the idea of ​​turning a dining room table into a foosball table, it is thanks to a swivel system that the concept exists today. “The different models were created in front of our eyes in a few days. After the concept was chosen, it was developed in our own factory within a few weeks », he recalls. Result: the business now benefits from a unique exhibition in the Cité des Sciences, while the manufacturer worried about its turnover by seeing competitors one by one putting the key under the door. “It’s about changing perspective and innovating with what already exists. In this case, the traditional use of this table is simply conceived differently and then pushed to the limit thanks to the imagination. From an utensil it has become doubly playful »slips Evy Raelison

4) The approach composer : surround yourself with user testers

Some entrepreneurs wait until they’ve refined their project before making it public… only to realize later that it’s not right for the target market. It is best to test it with a limited number of users, if possible close to its intended target, at the same time it is being set up. In the same way a composer plays his pieces of scale model with an acquired audience to get first impressions and refine his work by preserving only the best. “Feedback makes it possible to adjust the project immediately and thus change the economic model”, emphasizes our specialist, who is also a musician. This is the principle of the lean start-up, theorized and formalized by the American entrepreneur Eric Ries. This iterative design, in combination with the three other perspectives, saves time. Which – today – is far from negligible!

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