Blonville-sur-Mer: within the Charlemagne school, the threat of closing a class does not pass

The school map forecasts suggest the closure of one of the four classes of Charlemagne School in Blonville-sur-Mer at the start of the 2022 school year. A threat that will not pass. ©Le Pays d’Auge / M.-M. sharpener

“These kids are caviar,” Claire laughs as she leads her sweet little darlings to the motor room. Passionate, this mistress of the toddler, small and medium class of Charlemagne school by Blonville sur Mer (Calvados) knows his position is threatened. For the next school year, according to the academic inspection, the school of this very family-friendly city should go from 4 to 3 classes. “You’ll take care of them, won’t you”, the teacher asks Caroline Ensergueix, new assistant for school affairs. “We will do everything we can to fight to the end,” she replies.

Claire has been working at the Blonville-sur-Mer school for four years.
Claire has been working at the Blonville-sur-Mer school for four years. (©The Pays d’Auge / M.-M. Remoleur)

Within the school and in the city, this threat of class closure does not pass and the misunderstanding persists, reminding us of the words of the to forget by singer Gauvain Sers.

Divided into 4 classes, 80 students are enrolled this year. “If we’re in trouble, it’s because at the end of the year we have 15 CM2 students leaving, and they’re basing that on that, but that’s not saying anything because we have toddlers that aren’t counted, it’s real a crucial year, but that is not like the coming years,” laments the assistant, ready to do everything to defend and know this place of life. “We should spread the levels over three classes, with triple levels, we don’t think about the students at all.”

A school full of resources

If closing the class in this establishment is not conceivable, it is because this school, especially equipped with a beautiful well-stocked library, with a librarian, carries out many educational projects that make sense. In recent years, for example, it has already organized meetings with Johann Birée, a hemiplegic handisport athlete, in the context of an Olympic and Paralympic week, or with the Blonville farmer Marc Ponroy to make young people aware of what goes on under our feet . “At the start of the school year we have a new chef in the kitchen who is very involved and will push for the fresh side of the products, lead cooking workshops, raise awareness about waste prevention, create themed meals,” continues Caroline Ensergueix, who insists on the importance of educational projects that are close to environmental and social issues.

Between now and the end of the year, several outings are planned in Normandy, in Montmartre for a escape room, at the Deauville triathlon or at the Capucines farm in Branville. “In May, our municipal police officer passes on the driver’s license to the CM and the pedestrian driver’s license for the CE, and the end of the year is all about a nature outing, warm and entertaining, on the beach or in the swamp all together. †

Kindergarten in Blonville
The toddler, small and medium class at the Charlemagne school in Blonville-sur-Mer. ©Le Pays d’Auge / M.-M. sharpener

Replanting of the playground, collaboration with the sports structures of the city, suggestion box to involve the children, stories in English for the little ones: there is no shortage of ideas in this school where the aim is also to help these blond heads of concerned and fulfilled future citizens. “Every Blonvillais educated in Blonville has a certain bond with their school,” concludes Caroline Ensergueix, emphasizing the essential place that this school occupies in this very family-oriented city. We must preserve this link, this place of transmission and knowledge, for future generations. For this it is necessary to mobilize, to question our policies, so that people and the well-being of children are at the center of decisions. We may be a small structure, but with great potential and values. Our school deserves this battle that the municipality is waging together with teachers, parents and school staff. †

Personal tours of the establishment with the director are possible. Contact person: 02 31 87 92 99.

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