training in new professions with NFTs and cryptocurrencies

The rise of blockchain in banking/finance

Influenced by new technologies, the banking sector has been able to recover by, for example, integrating into his practices blockchaina technology that makes it possible, in particular, to store and transmit information in a secure manner, and to optimize certain banking processes (improving the traceability of operations, combating fraud, reducing transaction times, etc.).

Unknown a few months ago NFTsThese unique digital tokens that can confer ownership and authenticity, exchanged using blockchain technology, are of equal importance to the banking industry. cryptocurrenciespopularized by the bitcoinalso offer many options.

Which training to consider?

As these dematerialized devices, the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs, are undergoing an exponential development in the world, French higher education is therefore tackling the subject. Course, at the intersection of finance, math and computer science applied to the banking and financial world, however, remain quite rare.

A few business school offer special modules and specializations, often after completing a course in a technical school. The routes offered by the universities are also most often accessed at Bac+3/+4 levels. To specialized schools, some have clearly positioned themselves on the subject. This is especially the case of Metaverse College orexchange college† The latter, a school specializing in banking and insurance, offers on its Paris campus a program entirely focused on new financial professions and the transformation of this sector. This is a Ms 2 Management of Cryptocurrency, NFTs and Meta Heritage leading to obtaining the title of Administrative Manager registered with the RNCP.

“As a school that stimulates innovation, underlines Islem Ziadi, responsible for school-business relations in this establishment, it was important for us to be able to offer an education that is able to preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow† The codes of this environment are very specific. They are subject to specific regulations, the control of which can turn out to be an incredible opportunity in the banking and financial sector (cryptocurrency, blockchain meta-heritage) but also art (NFT)† If this remains unclear to many people, to students who are startled by the digital, then such a path is obvious; and for a school like ours it is crucial to offer High-level diploma training, in line with recruiters’ expectations† † During their MS2 year, Exchange College students focus on financial analysis, market finance, fintech culture, virtual security, wealth management and crypto assets, wealth management, virtual wealth management, or even meta-investments. Exchange College has already planned the creation of an M1, which can also be followed alternately, at the rate of one day in school and four in business, each week.

Blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT: what business opportunities?

All these new professions are not just about developers. The professions are much more diversified than what we might think and tomorrow there will surely be others. Today, the panel is already broad with, for example, that of product designer, technical writer, NFT consultant/cryptocurrency consultant, data analyst, meta-heritage manager, etc.

Opportunities to seize of course in the world of banking and finance, but also insurance, public institutions, large logistics groups… Everyone needs or will need blockchain specialists soon. Promising professions in the world of fintech who are not yet ready to talk about it.

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