The Blues launches the first Metaverse Retail Shopping Experience

ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Blues has teamed up with retail partner Rank+Rally, DBK Studio and Mantis XR to introduce Blues Experiential Reality (BXR), the first Metaverse shopping experience for sports and entertainment in Northern Ireland. America.

Launching in time for the Blues 2022 playoffs, the first phase will provide an immersive metaverse experience that can be easily accessed via a web link from any device with no additional equipment required.

Fans can get a behind-the-scenes look at the legendary hockey team by visiting a photo-realistic 3D locker room. Once inside, fans can browse a selection of Blues merchandise for sale.

Fans can access BXR by going to or by scanning the QR codes in the lobby and at STL Authentics locations in Enterprise Center. Initially, the merchandise selection will include four new products from the Series Six range – three t-shirts and a sweater – as well as the Blues jerseys for the home, road, Winter Classic and retro. New products will be available in the future, along with other new ways to interact with Blues fans through the BXR, such as exclusive content, Easter eggs and unique experiences.

Video: Demonstration of the virtual dressing room


“We are excited to launch our virtual dressing room and offer fans a unique shopping journey using experiential reality,” said Matt Gardner, vice president of innovation and digital strategy for the St. Louis Blues. “As we all prepare for a future world powered by metaverse-like experiences, it’s great to have innovators like Mantis XR, Rank+Rally and DBK Studio working with us to establish a base in this space .”

“The Metaverse is such an exciting concept because it has so much untapped potential to give fans deeper access to their favorite teams, both physically and digitally, that’s never been possible before,” said Andy Lansing, chairman and CEO of Levy, the parent company. company of Rank + Rally and DBK Studio. “The playoffs, when the tension is higher than at any other time of the year, is the perfect time to take that first step into an innovative new world. We are incredibly proud to partner with the St. Louis Blues to truly break new ground. to connect and interact with fans.”

“Rank+Rally and the St. Louis Blues understand that you have to meet fans where they are,” said Kahlil Ashanti, founder/CEO of Mantis XR. “Our Mantis XR team really enjoyed working with them to deliver Blues Experiential Retail, a unique, dynamic, social commerce-focused 3D metaverse experience without the need for downloads, wearables or 360 cameras. is only the first phase of our collaboration, and we have more in store.”

About Mantis XR
Mantis XR is at the intersection of social commerce and the metaverse by creating photo-realistic 3D e-commerce experiences for sports and retail brands. For the first time, fans can shop with their friends – worldwide, just like a local, by simply accessing a URL from any device. Brands no longer need barriers like 360-degree cameras, “digital twins” or wearables to bring their spaces to life. Mantis XR brings the social elements of offline shopping to online spaces using its proprietary visualization science and out-of-the-box social commerce platform. Mantis XR was founded in October 2020 by tech entrepreneur Kahlil Ashanti and is based in Vancouver, Canada. Read more or schedule a demo

About the standings + rally
Rank + Rally is a wholly owned subsidiary of the hospitality leader Sample† Launched in 2017, the company manages all facets of the retail business for venue partners, sports franchises and cultural attractions, including product design and development, pricing and promotion planning, retail operations and e-commerce strategy. Rank+Rally partners with iconic brands and venues such as the United Center, Enterprise Center, Arena, T-Mobile Arena, Austin FC’s Q2 Stadium, Field Museum and more to create world-class shopping experiences onsite, offsite and online. For more information, visit us at and follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

About DBK Studio
DBK Studio is a wholly owned subsidiary of Levy, the original disruptor creating innovative food and beverage experiences at iconic sports and entertainment venues, cultural attractions and restaurants. Levy was founded in 1978 with just one delicatessen – DB Kaplan’s Delicatessen – and that spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship continues in the studio. DBK acts as an entry point for large-scale innovation in the hospitality industry. The group cultivates relationships between startups and emerging technology partners, and venues to test, mature and scale solutions that enhance the guest and team member experience at sports venues, conventions and cultural attractions, music and entertainment venues, retail stores and restaurants. For more information, visit

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