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Message Business has been a player in the email and marketing market for 10 years and is a complete solution for all web professionals. The application covers all the needs of marketers: SMS, creation of landing pages and forms, creation of emails and newsletters, improvement of deliverability, complex marketing automation strategies, linking with APIs… Here’s an overview of the possibilities that Message Business offers .

A simple and clear dashboard

Message Business brings all your marketing needs together in one space and one interface. Once registered, you can easily add a contact database (the import is done in seconds), create contact segments with segmentation criteria, manage your email and SMS subscribers or your inactive contacts.

The dashboard allows you to create your various operations: email, SMS, web forms, surveys, landing pages, web triggers (marketing automation via tags) and transactional emails. Clear reports are also available on the dashboard to analyze your campaigns. This simple and uncluttered space brings all your current campaigns together and allows you to create new ones.

Many free email templates available

One of the great advantages of Message Business is that it offers its users many email templates. All these templates are free and you can choose from a whole list of templates created by French DAs and adapted to your different marketing needs. You can access e-commerce email templates to send your products, calendar, Valentine’s Day, travel…

In addition to these complete templates that you can adapt to your needs, you can also access standard email frames: newsletter, welcome emails, thank you emails, invitation emails, cart abandonment emails…. For example, here are the different models proposed to send an email when leaving a shopping cart.

Each type of email can then be fully customized to your needs from within the editor.

A powerful and practical responsive editor

Another strong point of Message Business: the powerful responsive email editor that has received a lot of development work. As on the rest of the platform, the editor’s UX is intuitive and requires no specific integration knowledge. Everything is customizable via the editor: the content and management of columns, titles, texts, images, blocks, separators… The style is of course also fully customizable: colors, buttons, columns, background… You can add blocks of content (text, images, RSS, menus, etc.) and customize them to your liking.

For example, with a simple drag and drop you can add a fully customizable social network block (links, thumbnails, etc). Bulk management makes the editor super easy and mailings are organized in a very natural way.

Without integration skills, you can also use the editor in HTML. This editor is autonomous and also makes it possible to create, for example, mailing or newsletter templates via Message Business and then send them via another service. The editor also allows you to configure the responsive one by choosing which blocks are displayed on mobile or on PC.

You can also create texts to display: secure images and whose rendering will be respected in Outlook 2007 and higher version, which remains rare in many solutions on the market. Many parameters enable rich layouts: line height, character spacing, buttons, mobile-optimized columns, Open Graph image management (shared on social networks).

User support and resources

Unlike other solutions on the market, Message Business allows you to take advantage of telephone assistance from Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm. This expertise made available to customers makes it possible to solve many problems, especially for companies that do not have all the technical resources in-house.

Another interesting point: the possibility to use numerous guides and white papers on the different aspects of emailing, grouped on a “Campus”.

A complete solution that meets all needs

In use, Message Business is a tool that makes it really easy to manage your marketing needs. Whether creating an email or a landing page, the publisher is a real success and their UX should be highlighted. Everything is simple and well thought out. The various mailing frames offered save time when designing campaigns. We also appreciate the completeness of the proposed models. The platform is truly aimed at all players and covers both simple needs and more complex marketing automation campaigns. The ability to manage SMS and email campaigns on the same interface is really interesting. The tool also puts mobile at the center of its concerns with optimized display management on mobile email apps.

We also value the quality of the reports and their transparency. Message Business indeed communicates about the deliverability according to the domains. This allows you to quickly correct your actions. Finally, assistance is a real plus and VSEs and SMEs can have the expertise of a specialist. A unique positioning in the email market.

Try the solution for free

To get an idea of ​​Message Business’s performance, you can try the platform for free through a discovery offer. It can send 1000 emails per month, 10,000 transaction SMTPs and 10 text messages. At the level of paid subscriptions, prices fall according to needs. 10,000 shipping credits cost €199 excluding VAT, 500,000 costs €1,499 and 10,000,000 credits cost €7,499. The rates for SMS are again falling: €69 for 500 messages, €3,999 for 50,000 messages.

This article was written as part of a collaboration with Message Business

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