It’s time for the entrance exam for the National School of Art in Bourges

Lucie, Loubna, Sam and Laura are all 18 years old. They did their preparation in Gustave-Eiffel, in Gagny (Seine-Saint-Denis) to get all the trumps for these entrance exams at the National School of Art in Bourges (Ensa).

Lucie also thinks of Ensa in Tours, Marseille, Aix, Nantes and Paris, but is in Bourges before choosing according to her admissions. “I think the Bourges site is human scale, unlike the one in Paris,” says Sam, who came up with his least cumbersome creations in terms of the productions to be shown. “We know that we will have to verbally defend what we have achieved.”

They line up in front of the establishment before heading to the cafeteria where the sorority serves all kinds of salads, juices, lemonades, and other syrups. These Tuesdays and Wednesdays, one hundred and fifty young women and men seek their place under the sun to study visual arts.

The number of students present in the Cher continues to increase: they are now 5,454

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The Ensa van Bourges wanted to innovate this year. “There used to be a plastic test, one of general culture and one oral. There we opted for a better reception. On the first day, we gave away postcards that people can link to a story,” says Chloé Nicolas, director of studies.

It must be said that Ensa is coming out of two years of Covid with remote access competitions. During these two days, most of the matches are face-to-face, but a few remote ones are awarded for geographic or health reasons. Among the 150 applicants, there are about thirty Asians, from South Korea or China, who like to attend French schools.

“The school has a very good reputation”

On Tuesday, with the test of postcards to be returned before 6 p.m., the candidates were entitled to a visit to the premises by the students. This Wednesday talks about the achievements of the candidates who rushed to find the right place to present them. “It is up to them to explain why and how they found this place for two juries, consisting of teachers and a student, with a harmonization committee at the end of the day,” explains the program director.

Students only know the results through Parcoursup. The establishment does not have the right to communicate these directly.

The Ensa van Bourges, they are twenty-five teachers for two hundred students, a site that has been derelict for twenty years, but it is adaptable. “It is true that the diagnosis is tough, that it is necessary to support rooms, but the school has a very good reputation. We bounce back,” says Chloé Nicolas.

During these two days, there are also committees for admissions during the program (second to fifth year). The fourth year is the most numerous of the seventy people involved. Finally, in September, a remedial examination will take place only for new candidates.

Francois Lesbre

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