Grenoble school of management: “The bachelor goes completely in the direction of history”

The success of the +3 baccalaureate does not come as a surprise to this fine connoisseur of higher education: “The bachelor’s degree focuses entirely on history”, says Jean-François Fiorina, deputy director-general of GEM, the Grande école Grenoble, which also has a campus in Paris and several others around the world (Georgia, Russia, Singapore).

According to him, this dazzlingly successful model is a great opportunity for schools, but especially for students “who can try everything and know everything, discover their calling before deciding what to do next”. A young person, very attracted to the business world, opts for an education with internships and apprenticeships. Another who strongly feels the call of the sea will be able to emigrate to the land of his choice.

The Holy Grail of Licensing

“Students are increasingly involved in a stop & go logic, notes the deputy general manager of GEM. They have to stop to discover a terrain and concretely test it. Then they give a new direction to their project. ” The specificity of this course is to allow this strategic flutter: after three years, the students know what attracts them in the professional world, what they don’t like “or what precise skills they need to acquire in a Master.”

The undergraduate degree, which GEM obtained for its first program (pending the completion of it for the second) is likely to build more bridges for graduates, both in academia and abroad. “It’s mostly the way families have waited to differentiate quality programs from others. The holy grail of recognition”, Jean-François Fiorina rejoices. The unprotected designation of bachelor previously encompassed such different realities that this new light is welcome.

Digital experts

This year marks a turning point in GEM’s post-baccalaureate offering, launching the Digital and Business Development program. Delivered on the Paris campus, “to respond primarily to the needs of digital talents in Île-de-France”, this 3-year course will have a different inclination to its generalist alter ego: more business-oriented, in permanent contact with companies. † “During the three years, our students will do an internship or internship for 16 months,” describes the DGA. They will prepare all the important digital skills there and can be hired as business developers, community managers, web marketers, etc. as they show themselves ready to take on the new professions that digital technology will invent in the coming years.

Personal development is at the heart of this new training, through workshops “to get to know yourself better and refine your professional project”, explains Jean-François Fiorina. A program that could not be more complete, between business foundation, technical skills and soft skills.

Finally, the bachelor’s degree in Digital and Business Development takes on a rather rare challenge for such professional training: any student can go abroad, either for an internship or to one of GEM’s partner universities. All too often it is necessary to choose between variety and international; here students benefit from both.

GEM Campus in Paris

the world bib

Internationally, GEM’s bachelor’s degree in international business certainly is. “The classroom is global, as is the faculty, and the language used is always English.” An intercultural environment to understand all major business areas (sales, export, logistics, HR, management, etc.) under a more global prism.

Recruiters are impressed. 81% of the students find a job in the four months after the end of their education, 67% in an international position. Enough to put into practice the sophisticated English they’ve been working on for three years and seize great opportunities wherever they are.

in numbers

– 7,000 students

– 50 programs, from bac +3 to bac +8

– 40,500 former graduates

– 174 companies present on recruitment forums

The fetish school for top athletes

The new bachelor’s degree in Digital and Business Development offers an opportunity in which GEM has been an expert for several years: the possibility to adapt the course to the limitations of top athletes.

They can take the courses completely remotely and if desired, spread the lessons, run the program at their own pace, over four or even five years. All these students benefit from personal support and real co-construction of their course between them, the school and their club or federation. Enough to keep performing as you prepare for the future.

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