Châteaudun: the Brochetons du Loir fishing school reopened after a two-year hiatus

At the age of 12, Thomas practiced fishing, in Nottonville, “in the pond and on the Conie” and can already boast of a good track record. “I pulled out a 92 centimeter pike. “A trophy fish, ‘live-caught’, of which he keeps an unforgettable memory, almost as much as this famous 94 cm eel that landed in its landing net at the best chance. “I wanted to catch a frog and when I caught it, I got this nice surprise…”.

Like his father, Thomas wanted to “improve” to fill his basket and enrolled in the fishing school Brochetons du Loir. It is working again, after a two-year hiatus, every Wednesday afternoon, from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM, until mid-July.

The Eurelian Fishing Federation lists 14,000 fishermen in the department

“The goal, explains President Jean-Luc Quernec, is to give children, mainly between the ages of 8 and 12 (but it’s open until 18, editor’s note), the foundation to enable them to to be independent in the Waterside. And the basics in his view are clearly “coarse fishing”, although young people now have a more pronounced attraction to active predator fishing, “allowing them to look for the fish where it is instead of on it.” to wait”.

Currently, there are four of them attending the sessions given in the premises of the AAPPMA, rue de Chollet, by two volunteers from Brochetons du Loir: Jean-Pierre Quoniou and Daniel Lallier, who need no introduction, both board directors of the fishing association and excellent competitors.

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The program for the first two Wednesdays focused only on technique. “We teach them the B. a-ba, that is, the assembly of lines,” explains Jean-Luc Quernec. “It’s the least interesting part of fishing, but it’s necessary,” admits Daniel Lallier.

For the retiree, it’s almost goldsmithing. “He is very meticulous in this area,” Jean-Luc Quernec admits admiringly. So much so that he makes his own floats.”

Thomas, who carefully follows Daniel Lallier’s smallest gestures to reproduce them, is not there yet. Already his priority is to properly balance his leaders. “Me, I didn’t shift the balls like they do. I was more inclined to put them all the way down on the hook.”

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To the delight of Thomas and his comrades, the school will be operational from today. A first outing is planned at the Basse Plaine site in Douy (Cloyes-les-Trois-Rivières). “The fish are starting to bite, we benefit from that. There is nothing worse for young people than going fishing without taking anything with them,” admits the president of Brochetons du Loir.

Aside from the fishing rods that will be loaned to them, the kids will have the lines they set up themselves and, certainly, “will take better care of them than if they had been given them,” Jean-Luc Quernec reports. In addition to fishing, the Brochetons du Loir will offer children the opportunity to discover the environment of fish farming in the coming weeks.

“They need to assimilate the categories of fish, how they reproduce, what they eat, when, etc., to better understand fisheries. We provide them with documentation from the Federation and a department facilitator can be engaged to provide them with additional information. †

10 € registration

Children are invited, if they wish, to attend departmental meetings of fishermen’s schools, simply to test themselves against others. One is scheduled for June 4, in Douy, during the weekend of the Fisheries Festival.

Jean-Luc Quernec also plans to diversify the exercises when all the basics are mastered: “We are going to organize an initiation with the float tube…” Message to amateurs!
The fishing school Brochetons du Loir is open to eight young people. The ridiculous price is €10 for children under 12 with the discovery fishing license and €20 for children aged 12-18 with the underage fishing license.

Philippe Provot

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