What are the differences between a post-baccalaureate and post-preparatory technical school?

The preparatory classes for the Grandes Ecoles represent the path of excellence for entering a technical school. But many schools integrate students right after the baccalaureate to prepare for an engineering degree. How to choose between a post-preparatory and post-baccalaureate technical school according to your project and your profile? The student makes an inventory of the main differences between the two courses.

For high school students who plan to go to a technical school, a difficult choice is made in the last year: follow the path of the science preparatory class or go to a technical school right after the baccalaureate? To help you make your choice, we recommend that you: find out the main differences between a post-baccalaureate technical school and a post-preparatory school to determine which one is made for you based on your project and your profile.

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How To Choose Between Post Preparatory Or Post Baccalaureate High School Technical School?

Not everyone is sure of their orientation in high school. Some students need to take an extra two years to think and make a more informed choice about their orientation. So they tend to participate in a science preparatory class.

“They are building their careers with more maturity,” says Philippe Dufourcq, deputy general manager of CentraleSupélec. A large number of students who want to enter a post-baccalaureate school have a clear idea of ​​what they want to do from the end of the year. While a student who goes through the preparatory class has not yet decided on his orientation or wants to apply to very high level schools.

Also keep in mind that you have to make your choice according to your aspirations and desires. “It is a matter of vision on studies. High school students choose the path that suits their way of working and learning, or how they want to be guided,” says Claude Maranges, director of recordings of the INSA group. Everyone goes their own way.

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Five years of study in a post-baccalaureate technical school, three years in a post-preparatory school

Joining a technical school for five years of study right after the baccalaureate has become a frequent choice for many high school students. At the start of the 2020 school year, nearly 16,000 baccalaureate holders entered a technical school for baccalaureate admissions after graduating from high school.

A post-baccalaureate technical school typically offers you the opportunity to complete a two-year preparatory course – called integrated preparatory lesson – before entering the engineering cycle, which lasts three years.

The procedure for joining a technical school differs per school. Some institutions recruit on file after the baccalaureate, others on a competitive basis. But all technical schools after the baccalaureate are accessible on the Parcoursup admission platform.

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The integrated preparation “looks like secondary school with practical work”

Aure is a sophomore at ECE Paris, a post-baccalaureate technical school. “I had attended career fairs and open days. I met students who described to me their experience with the integrated preparation. It feels like high school with practical work (in computer science and electronics) and tutorials. We apply what we see during the year,” she explains.

The integrated preparation provides all the tools to subsequently succeed in the engineering cycle. It would be wrong to say that choosing an integrated preparation is the easy card. “The grades have to follow. If you don’t have 10 in the boxes, you have to go to the remedial boxes,” Aure recalls.

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The Science Preparatory Class: A Highly Controlled and Demanding Environment

The science preparatory class is still the preferred path for students studying at a technical school for three years. It offers a very controlled environment, close to high school, with subjects that are familiar to you.

This one intensive training helps to develop a particular work discipline and effective working methods. A wide range of science preparatory classes leads to competitive examinations for technical schools after two years.

Nil is a second year industrial engineering student at the Ecole des Ponts ParisTech. Passionate about physics, the young student attended a PCSI preparation (Physics, Chemistry and Engineering) at the Lycée Hoche, in Versailles (78). He has fond memories of his two years of CPGE studies.

“It is important to maintain a balance in life during your preparatory years. This course taught me how to learn. Since I was in technical school, I can take a step back in my work as soon as there is math, for example.”

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Concrete courses and practice as soon as you arrive at a post-baccalaureate technical school

Post Baccalaureate Technical Schools Offer Very Fast concrete lessons at the start of the integral preparation† The curriculum is such that students have quick access to the practice.

Aure and his classmates from the ECE are currently busy a week in business administration. “We start our company and we learn how to manage the accounts. We also have to make videos to present our fictitious company. We take it very seriously.”

Discovery of the business world: advantage for technical schools after the baccalaureate

A post-baccalaureate technical school offers the opportunity to discover the professional world with periods of internship in companies from the first years of the training. For example, Aure did an initial five-week internship at the start-up Waykonect, which specializes in connected cars.

“We will have an opening to the business that will not be there in the preparatory science class. It can be a game-changer for many students.”explains Claude Maranges.

Some students want to get to the heart of the matter and confront the tech community as soon as possible. Institutions, such as the CESI technical schools, also offer students the opportunity to follow an apprenticeship training from the start.

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Associative life, an integral part of technical schools

A post-baccalaureate technical school allows students to: become involved in associative life earlier and for five years and enjoy student life. Notably, Aure became an ambassador to represent her school to young senior students. “It’s a lot of fun advising high school students.

Once in post-preparatory technical school, students also get involved in community life very quickly. “I am Vice-President of Junior Entreprise and President of the Genius Ponts association, which aims to promote entrepreneurship,” explains Nil. These experiences bring me as much as the courses. It’s a lot of meetings and very professional.”

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