How can I make money in the Metaverse?

You’ve probably heard all about the Metaverse before, like it will change the way the internet works for everyone forever, or whether Snoop Dogg belongs in it. Many investors are increasingly curious about how to create an income stream using the metaverse, and for good reason.

Metaverse real estate has sparked a lot of interest, with brands from all walks of life looking for places to own, and even small businesses trying to anticipate the crowds. There are just as many types of real estate in the Metaverse as there are in the real world, and an investor like you can see returns if you take the time to carefully plan your journey through the Metaverse.

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A busy metaverse platform is a profitable platform

First, it’s important to understand that while there may be money left in land speculation on various metaverse platforms, it’s rarely the best choice. Buying and holding land is a strategy that can still pay off, but the biggest thing that adds value to a metaverse platform is the amount of activity it contains.

If you buy and own land and your friend does the same, and you suddenly have a bunch of investors buying and owning land, that platform isn’t going to grow or become more interesting. And if it’s not interesting, nobody wants to be there and your investment can become almost worthless.

So while buy-and-hold is an important part of metaverse real estate investment strategies, you need to go the extra mile and actually invest in your community if you want to see maximum profit. A metaverse platform is only as valuable as its community, and if your community is bored, you won’t last long because users will go elsewhere.

Consider becoming a metaverse owner

Many companies are curious about the metaverse. They want to see what the different platforms have in store for them, but are not yet confident enough to fully invest in a real estate plot. For those timid capitalists, the help of a metaverse owner can be invaluable. You can provide a pre-designed structure for them to easily place their branded items in, or you can let them custom design their own virtual building.

For many renters, proximity to popular attractions or busy roads, depending on the platform, can be an added bonus to visibility. On the other hand, if they manage their own traffic or host a short-lived event that will be heavily advertised, land in a more remote area can offer more privacy when everything starts to fall into place.

Open your own room

Because a metaverse-based business often needs far less of everything than one in the real world, some metaverse investors dabble in providing event spaces or experiences for potential attendees. Metaverse casinos are one of those types of businesses, and while the initial investment can be high, they can be impressively rewarding. Decentralized gamethat is (DG) ICE Poker raised $7 million in April 2022, thanks to 183,000 visitors.

If poker isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Other events, such as live concerts, games, and movies, are other potential revenue streams. You can sell digital (or real) tickets and loot or offer non-exchangeable tokens that give buyers access to special events or clubs, as well as the metaverse experience as a small boost. After all, you don’t have to pay employees and there’s no light bill, so the more ways you can find income from your metaverse real estate, the better.

Billboards and newsstands are always in demand

Some metaverse landowners are not ready to build large structures, but have the time and interest to put up interesting displays for advertisements from other companies. These billboards and kiosks can be as wild or typical as you want – creativity is encouraged in the metaverse. You’ll have to find your own tenants and upload their art and other stuff, but otherwise billboard companies are pretty hands-on operations.

When working with billboards it is very important to be aware of the specific world you are in. If your metaverse world doesn’t show the neighborhood around your plot, chances are no one will see your billboard either. Some worlds will display everything and others will only display items that exist on the specific plot where a user interacts. Definitely go to the world you are interested in and take a look before you claim your digital right.

There are many ways to make money in the metaverse

Making money in the metaverse is all about choosing the right land for your project, growing your real estate investment, and building the community around you as you do it. Remember that the more people interested in a metaverse platform, the more likely it will have a long and useful future. And since the virtual lots in these worlds are often limited, the more interest there is in a world, the more demand there will be for that limited real estate and the more its value will increase. In the long run, it’s all very win-win.

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