The best way to develop your business? Your after sales service

The best way to develop your business? Your customers! Word of mouth is more effective than any marketing campaign. If we say a happy customer tells three others, it seems like a dissatisfied customer tells eleven. Not neglecting everything that happens after the sale therefore remains a necessity for companies that want to develop. Yes, but how do you do that?

Be empathetic, respectful and human

This is the main point. Good customer service starts with understanding it. To do this, all you need to do is put yourself in his shoes and wonder why he is behaving this way. A dissatisfied customer can be right or wrong. In any case, respectful treatment should be at the heart of your concern. It is above all a human being with his sensitivity.
Try to take each situation into account as much as possible and personalize your response. Following the rules should be accompanied by some flexibility. Do not take too much on your employees or yourself.

Anticipate potential problems

It is often said: “Prevention is better than cure”. In the case of customer service, unfortunately, you have to cure your customer of their dissatisfaction. In order for this healing to go as smoothly as possible, you can anticipate the main problems and plan quick responses in case of concern. Preparing automatic replies for any type of problem you encounter is essential in order to respond to your problems as effectively as possible
customer. To live well in this situation, communication is essential. He definitely needs to know the response time if you can’t offer him the solution right away. If you think you will not be able to meet the announced deadline, do not hesitate to inform your client. This will prevent him from taking the step and increasing his dissatisfaction.

Remember that sale does not mean delivery

Delivery tracking systems have evolved tremendously in recent years. It is possible to follow the arrival of your product live from preparation, via shipment and until arrival at the destination. Geolocation and order tracking are becoming more efficient and often a good part of the after-sales service. In order to meet your customer’s expectations as best as possible, especially in the case of distance selling, nothing prevents you from using these means to reassure him that his order will be properly received in the future. Do not hesitate to inform him in the same way in case of return of a defective product.

Track your package in real time

You can track the shipment of your package to any destination in France and abroad in real time and know the different stages of delivery of your documents and goods. This free service is available online through most delivery companies with specific benefits for each. Delivery services compete in efficiency. Customers can track their package via their mobile or computer from the moment it is processed, then handed over to the delivery company, then handed over to the carrier and when it arrives at your home. We are far from the hours of time-consuming waiting of a short time ago.

Which receipt for tomorrow?

In an increasingly dematerialized world, the bon is a veteran. Mobile applications enable consumers and traders to turn the piece of paper into a ‘smart ticket’. This is the case with the Skerou application, which allows you to scan the contents of your receipt to use the information for future purchases (programming a shopping list, etc.) and save money. In particular, the application offers, in collaboration with partner supermarkets, the opportunity to receive discounts on favorite products. Limpidius is an application that allows merchants to send customers a ticket that can be accessed through a web account or on a smartphone. The benefits for the customer are countless: no more loss of warranty, promotional coupons… For the trader, it is above all a new relationship that is being built up. The extraction of data makes it possible to improve the customer’s knowledge and take advantage of relevant information to refine the services offered

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