Send cryptos on Telegram, it is possible

Like Meta, which owns WhatsApp, Telegram loves crypto. In addition, the company had a crypto project called Telegram Open Network (TON) that it eventually had to give up under pressure from the SEC, the US financial police officer (as a reminder, it is also under pressure from US authorities that Meta eventually shut down its crypto Diem project ).

But even after Telegram left TON, the project was taken over by a group of developers who decided to rename it The Open Network and rename the crypto Toncoin (instead of Gram).

And recently, the developers behind Toncoin announced the launch of a Telegram feature that allows the exchange of this cryptocurrency through the messaging service. This is not a feature developed by Telegram, but rather an app available on the messaging service bot platform.

“You can now send #Toncoin directly in Telegram chats! This is a new way to send Toncoin to a Telegram user with no transaction fees. With this service, you no longer have to enter long wallet addresses and wait for confirmations. Watch the video and test the new feature! »we read at the announcement of The Open Network.

How it works ?

The video accompanying The Open Network’s tweet explains how this integration of the Toncoin crypto on Telegram works. To exchange this cryptocurrency on the messaging service, the user just needs to go to the “Wallet” bot and integrate it into the Telegram attachments menu. Sending Toncoin to other users is the same as sending a photo and a file.

Telegram: Downloads are rising and the premium version is becoming more apparent

Today, Telegram relies instead on advertising (which respects privacy, according to the company’s explanation) and a premium subscription to fund its operations.

We’ve known for a while that Telegram Premium is in development. And as the Android Police site recently reported, elements of this premium version recently appeared in a beta version of the Telegram application.

According to the site, Telegram Premium should include emojis and stickers that are exclusive to paid users. In addition, subscribing to this paid plan can prevent Telegram users from seeing ads.

Regardless, as the number of app users grows, monetizing Telegram has become a necessity. In 2020, the creator, Pavel Durov, explained:

“We are not going to sell the company like the founders of WhatsApp. The world needs an independent Telegram as a place where users are respected and quality service is provided. Telegram must continue to serve the world as an example of a technology company that strives for perfection and integrity. And as the sad examples of our predecessors show, this is impossible when you join a society. †

Since then, the app has become even more popular. Moreover, Telegram is one of the most downloaded mobile applications in the world today.

According to data from Sensor Tower, it is currently the fifth most downloaded app, after TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.


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