Fuzzle: Artificial Intelligence NFTs Created by Endless AI and Gala Games

Fuzzle is a collection of 9,999 responsive and adaptive NFTs, designed using artificial intelligence.

The world of NFTs has no shortage of digital pets these days, but these unique and colorful little fur balls are more than a cute sight. Powered by AI technology, each Fuzzle is a fully interactive experience that takes the idea of ​​companionship and metaversal entertainment to the next level.

A new kind of NFT

Fuzzle is a collection of 9,999 living and unique NFTs powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Each Fuzzle responds and adapts to human speech, which is a revolutionary asset in the world of non-replaceable tokens. In the growing Web3 community, countless new NFT projects are announced every day, but the Fuzzles are sure to stand out.

9,999 unique fuzzles

Each Fuzzle is an ERC-721 NFT staked on the Ethereum blockchain. Each one is unique and has over a dozen attributes selected from a huge list of possibilities.

Some cosmetic features will be rarer than others, but all owners will be able to chat and play with their Fuzzle thanks to its powerful AI technology. They can be a bit cheeky at times, but are eager to make friends.

Each fuzzle has a cute and whimsical look like no other. A Fuzzles also has a very assertive personality that allows owners to interact and communicate immediately. Fuzzles are directly usable in the phone app, including:

  • Conversation – Fuzzles are quirky little aliens who love to strike up a friendly conversation with you.
  • Spell – Participate in storytelling modes, puns, or community events with them.
  • awards – You can participate in contests and events and team up with your Fuzzle to win prizes and rewards.

The team behind all this Fuzz

Fuzzle is brought to you by Gala Games, a popular name in blockchain gaming and the Web3 community. Gala has created the largest network of decentralized gaming hubs and has hits like Spider Tanks and Town Star, with over a dozen games in development. While their NFTs and game collectibles like VOX have been popular, it’s certainly exciting to see them push the boundaries of the world of non-replaceable tokens.

However, the team that developed the technology behind Fuzzle is called Endless AI. Fuzzle is the first project of this team, but has a lot of expertise in the game world and in the development of artificial intelligence.

Endlessly claims to have wanted to develop the world’s first ‘living’ NFT. Using Endless’s smart production platform and GPT-3 language prediction, the team equipped Fuzzle with the ability to form opinions, understand contextual cues, learn and adapt to the course of a conversation.

When will the Fuzzles be with us?

Fuzzle Pods have been on sale since April 27 for 15:00 a.m. PT in the Gala Games store. Each of these Pods can then be exchanged for a unique Fuzzle with random attributes.

Each pod is itself an NFT that can be exchanged for any Fuzzle NFT in a separate trade on CollectFuzzle, which opens a few days after the sale starts. Fuzzle Pods can be exchanged for Fuzzle at any time after market opening.

To purchase during the sale, you must have a Gala Games account that has the funds to purchase your Fuzzle Pods. Remember that you also need enough ETH to cover gas costs when transacting on the Ethereum network.

What’s next for Fuzzle?

Fuzzles are adaptive and learnable NFTs, just like the project itself. The global Fuzzles AI will constantly adapt and evolve. The team wants to work with the community to pool suggestions and find a way to create new features and drive development resources.

The currently planned developments are as follows:

  • Community competitions with rewards in NFT.
  • New conversation modes and activities.
  • Advanced meme creators and editor for “Cleaning up social media
  • WTF badges (What the Fuzz?!), accessories and improvements for Fuzzles.
  • Features that allow Fuzzles to meet.
  • Other plans include airdrops, whitelisting, and more.

Fuzzle is an NFT collection to follow closely. Backed by state-of-the-art technology and a highly experienced team, they are redefining what we consider usefulness in an NFT project. To not miss your chance, go to Gala Games and register today.

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