Surfin’Bitcoin Reveals the List of Personalities for the 2022 Edition

Both for beginners and the most experienced in cryptocurrencies, the Surfin’Bitcoin event returns in 2022 with a program for all audiences. This Sunday, the organizer Jonathan Herscovici published new information about the speakers, the program and the counter. The third edition of this annual meeting is going international.

Speakers at Surfin’Bitcoin 2022

Over three days at the Casino de Biarritz, more than 80 personalities will take their places around conferences and round tables to talk about Bitcoin in its many dimensions. In addition to Pascal Gauthier, head of the first French crypto unicorn, several speakers from around the world will be present. Exclusive, here is the list of the 20 international personalities who have been invited:

  • Jaime Leverton: CEO of Hut 8 Manning, she just completed an IPO on the Nasdaq a few weeks ago with her Canadian company specializing in Bitcoin mining. The miners are powered solely by renewable energy sources.
  • Pascal Gauthier: CEO of Ledger, the first French crypto unicorn, leads one of the world leaders in hardware wallets for securing crypto currencies. He is preparing an announcement for Surfin’Bitcoin.
  • Roy Sheinfield: CEO of Breez, creator of one of not hosted most used Lightning Network wallets in the world.
  • Prince Philippe of Serbia: A big proponent of bitcoin. He hopes one day to have bitcoin adopted as legal tender in his country.
  • Christopher DeBeukelaer: A Belgian delegate made himself known to the community a few months ago when he announced that he would receive his salary in bitcoin.
  • Nicholas Dorier: He lives in Tokyo and is the creator of BTC Pay Server, the essential solution for accepting bitcoins via the Lighting Network as a means of payment in physical or online commerce.
  • Show Vays: Trader, speaker and Bitcoin maximalist, he has been sharing his market analysis daily on his YouTube channel for several years now.
  • Ben BTC session: A well-known Youtuber and educator in the Bitcoin community, he recently helped organize the Bitcoin fundraiser for the freedom convoy in Canada.

The program of conferences

The dates of Surfin’Bitcoin 2022 are as follows: August 25, 26 and 27 (Thursday to Saturday). Thursday is all about networking – apart from the broadcast of the documentary The Satoshi Mystery, in the presence of the director, at 6 pm. For the first conferences, Surfin’Bitcoin 2022 gives us an appointment on Friday, August 26. For better navigation, all speeches are grouped in 4 themes spread over 4 half-days.

Saturday morning deals with the topics of the finance and regulationthe afternoon lectures will be devoted to economics and geopolitics† Saturday, August 27 in the morning is the opportunity to catch up on mining and ecology† Prior to the closing evening, the afternoon speakers will talk about technology and tools

Scheduling Conferences Surfin Bitcoin

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Each topic covered will be more or less addressed to a confirmed audience. That is why the organizers have decided to split the conferences into two rooms. On the one hand, those intended for everyone, and on the other, those for the experts. Namely that the general public area promises conferences exclusively in French. Many conferences in the other room will be in English due to the presence of international speakers.

Prices and ticketing

The announcements for next Monday, May 2, also include: the opening of the Surfin’Bitcoin 2022 ticket office† So to participate in all conferences during the three days, you will have to pay 500 euros (or 395 euros with the reduced price early bird† It is possible to reserve your place directly on the official website of the event.

If you want to participate in all conferences and evenings planned during Surfin’Bitcoin, including the special Thursday evening, you have to pay 800 euros (or 632 euros for the early bird† This post makes you a Key Bitcoiner† You have access to all events in Biarritz.

Surfin Bitcoin Rates Ticketing

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To attend the first day of the congress on Friday, costs 250 euros (or 197.5 euros in early bird† The price for the Saturday conferences also includes an invitation to participate in the closing evening (400 euros or 316 euros in rate early bird† Finally, if you only want to participate in the special evening on Thursday, you have to pay 300 euros.

To take advantage of the prizes early bird, asks the Surfin’Bitcoin counter to book before May 31, 2022. Please note that tickets can be paid for in euros or in bitcoins and are non-refundable and non-changeable. The broadcast of the documentary Le Mystère Satoshi (followed by his debate) is completely free and open to everyone.

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