Mobilization for the Ministry of National Education to support the six automatically transferred teachers

Teachers and parents of pupils from this primary school in Saint-Denis gathered this Wednesday in front of the Ministry of National Education in Paris to support the automatically transferred teachers.

Teachers and parents of students of the primary school Louis Pasteur in Saint-Denis gathered in front of the Ministry of National Education at 2.30 pm on Wednesday. They plan to protest the forced transfer of six establishment teachers. The procession also asks to be received by the Minister of National Education Jean Michel Bank

Six teachers of this primary school in Seine-Saint-Denis, of whom there are thirteen in total, are threatened with automatic transfer after the spring break.

In this school of 300 students classified in the category rep + The teachers reported “inappropriate comments and behavior” by the former director of the establishment who arrived last September, triggering an administrative inquiry conducted this fall by the Rectorate of Créteil. Conclusion of this report: 6 school teachers automatically transferred and a resignation from her position for the principal to “restoring a climate of serenity conducive to learning” according to the DSDEN. (Directorate of the Departmental Services of National Education).

Maître Anthony Reisberg, lawyer for the director who has retired from her position, denies the comments of certain teachers: “My client is accused of inappropriate behavior. She formally denies any such behaviorhe says.On the contrary, it was she who witnessed the excesses of some of the teaching staff and, in the interest of the students and of the republican school, reduced these excesses to its hierarchy.e,” adds Master Reisberg.

According to him, “she was prevented from performing her duties as director” as soon as he arrives at the establishment, “in the name of an almost ideological challenge to the very principle of its functions. Of a categorical refusal of any kind of authority. She had the courage not to be intimidated and was a victim of bullying on a daily basis.” recalling that “of the last four directors of the branch, three have resigned

The six teachers have no information about their next assignment yet.

“We do not know what will happen after the holidays and we have not been able to have an exchange with the academic management on this subject.“, testifies one of the teachers involved in a transfer procedure and who wished to remain anonymous. The 6 teachers of the schools are supported by several former directors and teachers of the institution.

The establishment’s educational community has also been singled out by a far-right newspaper. †These are defamatory statements that question our professional integrity. She,(director’s note) for example, accused us in front of the parents of refusing to teach reading to first-graders or of promoting what she called LGBT ideology in the classrooms‘ the professor remarks.

Charges dismissed by the former director’s board: “There is nothing to confirm that these comments were made by my client, in this article it is an anonymous testimonial

The six teachers affected by the transfer were able to consult their files and challenge the decision of the academic management. I have not found any element justifying my forced transfer“, ifinsurgent the teacher.

The parents of pupils have repeatedly requested a meeting with the Directorate of Departmental Services of National Education of Seine-Saint-Denis, without a positive response at the moment. We fully support the teaching staff as we know they all care about our children“, explains Mounir Othman, parent of a student.

The parents also show their support for the strike movement, although it forces them to adapt permanently. It’s about finding solutions for childcare every day. Forced transfers also create situations of fear, crying and misunderstanding in children.‘ the student’s parent noted.

On April 8, the school’s teachers went on strike. lThey plan to continue the movement after spring break, with the aim of securing the cancellation of the forced transfers.

Master Reisberg wants to give”appropriate legal action“from the harassment his client claims to be a victim of on social networks.

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