Hyundai launches its NFT collection in collaboration with MetaKongz

Hyundai takes the NFT turn

hyundai unveiled a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) launched this Monday in collaboration with MetaKongz† For now, only 30 copies will be offered to the public from April 20. This announcement was made official by an animated video:

In this video, a Kongz gets into a car not chosen at random. It is indeed a pony modelthe first car built in his name by the South Korean firm.

True to the famous crypto investor meme, the Kongz then goes to the moon and crashes into a cube that will turn the car into a Pony Heritage, an electric concept car a tribute to the original model.

At the end of the video, the character sees a star hanging from one of his wiper blades, which is a reference to a collection called Shooting Star NFT and it is scheduled for the month of May. All of this makes Hyundai the first automaker to launch a community NFT project.

However, this first collection of 30 copies in collaboration with MetaKongz will only be released clearly not accessible to all budgets† If the prices have not yet been revealed, we already know that 10 copies can be purchased with a discount of 1 ETH for holders of at least 10 Kongz NFTs whose unit price exceeds $13,000.

These NFTs want a introduction to hyundai metaverseunveiled last January.

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A metaverse in the name of Metamobility Universe

Earlier this year, Hyundai announced its metaverse project in which it wants to give a central place for robotics to provide humanity with unprecedented sensory experiences.

Thanks to the acquisition of Boston Dynamics in 2020, for example, Hyundai wants to take us on a journey to Mars through the metaverse with its robots.

The video below gives an idea of ​​the brand’s futuristic vision.

In addition to the entertainment aspect, Hyundai also plans remove geo-restrictions thanks to its metaverse.

It would then be possible to remotely control robots to perform any operational task† This would affect all areas from industrial production to the home, especially by feeding an animal remotely during its absence.

It is clear that Hyundai is looking very far, and there is still many technical obstacles to overcome before you can go from fantasy to reality. In the meantime, we’ll have to make do with several NFT collections, which will be unveiled during the year.

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