Google My Business Free: free services from the American giant!

Google My Business Free: free services from the American giant!
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Free Services: Google My Business Business Listing to Increase Your Business Visibility

In recent years, Google has been providing excellent free services to businesses. These software resources facilitate and optimize online presence and interactions. Of these services, Google My Business is an almost indispensable tool for businesses. It was launched in 2014 and is the result of the merger between Google Addresses and Google+. So it offers good benefits at no cost.

In addition to Google My Business, there are other free systems offered by Google. In particular, they make it possible to improve the e-reputation of companies and increase profits.

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Google My Business Free & No Cost

Google My Business is a free service provided by the largest search engine: Google. This tool informs internet users about the most important information of a company. This information is listed on a Google My Business listing. It includes:

  • the name of your company;
  • head office (location);
  • opening and closing times;
  • reviews from your customers.
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This file also includes photos of the company and its GPS location for easy reference. This latter information is crucial to increasing a company’s exposure on the Internet.

Local referrals are indeed essential for better visibility on the internet. Google My Business is the best tool for performing high-quality local SEO.

Moreover, this Google service allows you to have a website for free. Indeed, the free Google my business listing takes the place of a web page to some extent. You have a digital shop window for your company. Research shows that more than 70% of internet users prefer to buy from companies with a website.

In addition, the Google My Business service offers the possibility to personalize its site with its colors and themes. Your website is automatically updated by Google for free. This essential tool is extremely effective today. Creating a Google My Business listing is quite simple and requires no special skills.

Search engine optimization is an inexhaustible reference for traffic.

To create your Google My Business account, you must have a Gmail account and have a business, regardless of size.

When these two conditions are met, go to the Google My Business page to open your account. Carefully follow the steps mentioned.

Also enter the address of your company, because that determines your local SEO.

Google Gmail Mail Free

This Google service is one of the most convenient and secure messaging systems.

Google Gmail Mail Free
Google Gmail Mail Free

It is widespread and offers both personal and business options for any business.

In addition to being free, it is ergonomic and reliable and remains quite simple to use.

Gmail also allows you to communicate with an impressive number of prospects and customers. You can use it anywhere and anytime. With a professional Gmail address you increase awareness with your audience. It is also a very effective after-sales service management tool.

Gmail mail also makes it easy to manage and find messages. Since it is linked to Google, you can find any post in record time. In addition, it has a large storage capacity.

You retain all data and messages you receive. Finally, Gmail has a very effective spam filter. This allows you to separate the important messages from the less important ones.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

After Google my business and Google Gmail messaging, Google Analytics is undoubtedly the most powerful tool in the wonderful arsenal of the Google search engine.

It provides valuable statistical data. To optimize the use of your website, you should absolutely use this tool as its scope is huge.

This is the most important information Google Analytics provides to users:

  • The geographic location of website visitors;
  • Internet browsers used by visitors;
  • The pages of the site that attract the most attention from visitors;
  • The time each visitor spends on your website;
  • The conversion rate on the website

By linking your Google My Business account to Google Analytics, you have this information. It allows you to fine-tune your marketing and communication strategies. The features it offers are completely free and very effective.

Other Free Google Services

In addition to the mentioned services, Google offers other free services that are very useful.

Google Drive and Google Chrome

Google Drive: Free Storage Offered by Google
Google Drive: Free Storage Offered by Google

Google Drive is an online platform for storing and maintaining various types of data.

Whether written documents, photos, audio files, videos, tables or even slideshows, Google Drive stores them ideally and for free.

It also allows you to share your files online and recover them in case of loss. The sharing option is very effective for collaborating on various online projects.

Initially, you will have 5GB of storage space with the option to expand it over time. Moreover, Google Chrome is a browser designed by Google to provide the best search and browsing experience. This software indeed shows great performance. Likewise, it has a rich library of extensions that allow you to use various useful features in browsers. Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers.

Google Alerts and Google Calendar

Delivery service for Google notifications
Delivery service for Google notifications

Google also offers an excellent solution for notifications. With Google Alerts, you will be notified of certain information in real time.

If you want to track your business and stay up to date with news and information, use this tool.

It also determines the conduct of good competitive intelligence.

Google Calendar service: take advantage of a free calendar
Google Calendar service: take advantage of a free calendar

Also, Google Calendar helps in planning one’s schedule. As banal as this tool may seem, it is a great help for optimal time management.

Indeed, it has many features that you can use as you wish.

This tool offers the possibility to integrate alerts such as emails or even pop-ups to remind you of certain tasks to be performed.

Other services like Google Adsense, Google Docs, Google Trends and Google Translate are just as free and very efficient on a daily basis. Make good use of it and enjoy significant benefits, especially on your turnover and your turnover.

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