Business France, leveraging the French economy abroad

With 1,500 employees in 87 offices in 124 countries, this structure has in-depth knowledge of global opportunities. In particular, it manages the Corporate Volunteer Program (VIE) which currently enables 10,500 young talents to undertake assignments from 6 to 24 months in 130 countries. Business France also promotes France and its overseas territories by encouraging foreign investors to settle there.

Over the past five years, nearly 1,800 ETIs and growing SMEs, located in all regions and in all sectors of activity, have been supported by Business France and Bpifrance, as part of a partnership that has linked them since 2008. With an exceptional success rate since almost three quarters of them are on their way to becoming export champions. In order to perfect the system, the two organizations will launch an international accelerator in April with the presentation of the first promotion. The selected companies have all already benefited from accelerated support from Bpifrance at regional or national level. They will be the subject of a specific program designed to prepare a tailor-made action plan abroad.

We only have 8,000 ETIs, but they represent over 30% of French exports. Hence the need to push SMEs, and as such the operational tandem Business France and Bpifrance – the compass and the fuel – is a success confirms Frédéric Rossi, Deputy CEO Export of Business France. † Today, we are accelerating the movement with the aim of increasing the number of exporting companies as quickly as possible. NOTWe have known for a long time that this battle will be won first in the territories, and we work closely with chambers of commerce and industry and the Public Investment Bank, in all regions, including abroad.

This is why these three major public players in the French economy are now strengthening their cooperation by coming together under the banner of Team France Export† This system combines the 200 international advisors of the CCIs, the approximately fifty members of Business France who are already active in the regional branches of Bpifrance, as well as about 40 new Business France employees who are currently being deployed in the CCIs. The idea is to provide SMEs and ETIs with a range of solutions to internationalize – from preparation to implementation and follow-up – under the auspices of a single sector skills guide that will be responsible for a portfolio of 100 to 200 companies operating in the same field. . † This division of tasks allows the consultants to speak the same language as the managers for whom they refer. Because we don’t market manufactured goods and “tech” services in the same way », Frederic Rossi resumed. † They must also be able to process the information reported by our international correspondents in the 60 countries where we have a presence, in order to identify priority markets. In addition, our approach is highly reactive, and our consultants don’t settle for supporting companies that stand out, but look one by one for those that aren’t.

This is confirmed by Olivier Andretic, Marketing and Partnerships Director at Business France: “ As we continue our work with mid-caps and growth SMEs, we want to raise awareness for companies that have international potential but aren’t taking the plunge. There are still between 150,000 and 200,000 companies in France. For them, we are launching a digital coaching service on a platform that focuses the entire export ecosystem in France, to give them the first keys to gain momentum abroad. It is a question of arousing desire, but also of being concrete, by bringing them into contact with the actors, public and private, who can help them. The goal is to take action very quickly.

From a common ground that brings together educational modules and national offers, each of the thirteen regions will have its own platform, with its specific and strictly local content. A fourteenth is dedicated to France Ultra-Marine. In May, two regions (Normandy and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) will be tested on a full scale.

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