NFT Poker: A New Way to Play Poker and Win NFTs

The world was rocked by cryptocurrencies and then by NFTs and today NFT poker is coming to the world of poker games.

There are several projects in the poker world today related to NFTs. And poker players have shown that they really like the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs these days.

But what is an NFT? What are NFTs used for? What is the point of the poker world?

We will see it all together.

What is an NFT?

NFTs are digital works of art that can be purchased with cryptocurrency.

There are different types of NFTs ranging from art NFTs to utility NFTs that offer different online services or benefits to those who buy them.

And today NFTs are coming to the poker world with poker NFTs in various forms. We will see them all.

NFT Poker

NFTs are coming to the poker world. Nowadays you can find different collections and this is just the beginning.

There are sure to be other NFT poker collections that follow the pioneers who made the leap.

The uses of NFT poker are different and can give you access to the metaverse (virtual world) or other benefits.

Several collections have been launched, some created by the French, others by poker operators such as WPT.

They exist in the form of games, collectible cards, investments, avatars for your games, etc.

NFT Poker: Full House Collection

The Full House collection is an innovative NFT poker collection. We all know about stacking or how to buy stocks in certain players’ poker tournaments. But still players have to give us the chance to buy them.

Full House Poker has gone even further. They give us the opportunity to buy poker cards from different poker players.

The value of these cards depends on the player’s results. If the player performs well, the value will increase.

The advantage is that your cards never lose value because the players are very active on the track. So there will always be results that add value to your cards.

You can buy cards per pack and the value depends on the number of cards in each pack.

You can buy three different packs, the first a pack of 10 cards, the second of 50 cards and the third of 100 cards.

This collection was created with the consent of poker players who agreed to be involved in the project.

Currently there are over 100 players associated with the project and the list will only grow. French players like Julien Martini, Ivan Deyra or Sonny Franco among others, but also American players like Eli Elezra!

I’ll let you discover the project by clicking here.

Other NFT Poker Collections

Other NFT Poker collections have seen or will see the light of day.

NFT Poker: Poker Heroes Club

The brand WPT Global, which develops new poker software that has seen the light of day in several countries, has released their nft poker collection.

Poker Heroes is the collection of the WPT brand that allows you to have a personalized avatar on the software and at the tables. It gives you access to exclusive benefits such as access to exclusive freerolls and other bonuses.

There are three types of characters, Humans, Cyborgs and “Gods”. Each character has its rarity level, the most common people and the rarest gods.

You can discover their NFT Poker project by clicking here.

NFT Poker Polker Game

Polker Game is a earning game that uses Unreal Engine 4 technology which gives an immersive and very powerful gameplay.

This is the first NFT poker project. You can buy, sell, win and change NFTs by playing poker hands. In this way, this project merges poker and cryptocurrencies into one game.

A very interesting project already available in Early Access on Windows as an application and under development to play directly in browsers.

To play it you can already download the beta version and link your Crypto wallet.

This game is very interesting. Do not hesitate any longer and go to this site to download the application and start playing. You will be able to win your first NFTs and launch yourself into the world of cryptocurrency.

Here’s an overview of the first NFTs in the poker world. You will be able to discover new territory and get started in the world of cryptocurrency and NFT thanks to your passion for poker.

A unique and very interesting opportunity.

So, what are you waiting for to start this new adventure?

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