Growing interest in metaverses despite doubts and existing and future business opportunities

PARIS, April 28 (Benin News/EP) –

The website Search the web on the metaverse show great interest in learning more about this new universe and its possible applications in the workplace, especially in sectors such as IT and telecommunications, entertainment, marketing and communication and retail, which represent the largest number of requests, without the doubts that this created disregard of new area under construction.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced plans last October to create the Metaverse, a virtual environment that will serve as the foundation for creating a new economic ecosystem of digital goods† Although he defended it as a long-term project, interest in this project is currently growing.

From 2020 and during the first months of 2022. the average number of monthly searches in Spain on the metaverse is already approaching one million.according to a report from communications and public affairs agency BeConfluence on the metaverse, based on an analysis of internet search data with a proprietary algorithm on more than 4.3 million IP d unique users, in 2021 and in the first quarter of 2022 , with references from 2016.

The report points out that the type of approach to the search engine metavers indicates hesitation, interest in multimillion-dollar investment projects and employment and leisure, all without bits of information.

“Since Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the construction of the metaverse in October 2021, this word is everywherebut as our analysis shows, there are still more doubts than certainties about this virtual universe,” Rosa Gómez-Acebo, CEO of BeConfluence and coordinator of the report, said in a statement.

Metaver’s research comes from fields as diverse as: IT and Telecommunications (20.2%), Entertainment (13.6%), Marketing and Communications (10.4%) and Retail (8%), representing over 50% of searches in Spain alone.

Other sectors also have high percentages of searches, according to the report, such as finance and economics, health and healthcare, education and training, design and digital creativity, real estate and construction, human resources and tourism.

For Mr Gómez-Acebo: “These data prove that the most dynamic economic sectors are already looking for information about the metaverse. In other words, is not an isolated phenomenon, but is quickly gaining a foothold in corporate operating theaters and among professionals.”

62.8% of searches are now performed by individuals. (67.3% in 2021), compared to 37.2% (32.7% in 2021), reflecting a gradually growing interest from companies. In addition, more than 50% of the people who search for information about the metaverse in Spain are men under the age of 40.


At the same time, the analyzed research also shows that: a lack of knowledge of existing virtual environments and available equipment. to communicate in this new digital environment.

Frequently asked questions also reflect a high level of interest in the following questions: start doing business in this new digital world: investment opportunities, from cryptocurrencies to NFTs, investing in companies that are or will be part of the metaverse, as well as buying and selling virtual land and investing in advertising in digital worlds.

There is also a lot of interest in the possibilities that virtual worlds offer for marketing and advertising. In this area, the main topic of interest is the marketing actions carried out by the major brands in the metaverse, as well as how to ensure a brand’s presence in virtual worlds.

The analyzed searches seek information about the metaverses that exist to run advertising campaigns and about the amounts that will be invested in these kinds of virtual worlds in the future. And also on How marketing strategies will evolve with the metaverse in the coming years. and more and more pronounced, what the future holds for professionals in this sector in this new environment,” says the CEO of BeConfluence.


Research has also shown an interest in learning about the following topics: the different vacancies that offer virtual worlds, from the opportunity to monetize video games or working as a developer to selling virtual spaces and land.

Other job opportunities in the metaverse that are generating a lot of interest are those related to the creation and marketing of NFTs, work in marketing and advertising or 3D design, as well as work as a data specialist.

Legal aspects are another topic about which internet users search for information online. For example, their questions include the following: How is intellectual property captured in the metaverse? and who will protect identity in this new virtual world, or how NFTs work legally and who is responsible in case of NFT or identity theft.

Other legal questions about the metaverse arise: whether it will be possible to provide legal certainty to companies doing business in these kinds of environments and what measures are being taken to protect consumers.

Another concern that emerged from the analyzed study concerns. the impact of the metaverse on mental health and addiction of users, as well as the potential for physical harm, harassment and defamation, as well as the potential for data and identity theft and use by minors.

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